Licensing Requirements for New US Casinos


When it comes to new online casinos, the situation of sites operating in the United States is a unique one.

Whilst globally renowned as a force in casino games and gambling, the US continues to impose strict restrictions when it comes to gambling both online and offline. In fact, the practice is only legal in a handful of states such as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

In this article, we will take a look at licensing requirements for new US casinos, assessing how newcomers to the American online casino game go about securing a license to operate in the US.

Let’s get started with a look at the current legal situation of gambling in the United States.

Online gambling in the United States of America: The Current Legal Situation

Across the United States, the majority of forms of betting and gambling are illegal thanks to the Federal Wire Act. In recent times however, many campaigners and lobbyists for the gambling business have gained newfound hope of imminent legalization across the board.

A 2018 Supreme Court decision overturned a 1992 decision to outlaw sports betting across the nation, potentially opening the door just a tiny bit to the industry. Indeed, the fact that illegal bookmakers and card games throughout the USA are worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year makes this eventuality a seeming certainty.

With that said, for all of the noise around the legalization of gambling, there remains to be any real progress made on the legislative level.

How do new US casinos obtain a license?

For newcomers to the online casino game looking to operate in the United States, the route is a fairly simple one to understand, if not necessarily to follow through on.

Simply, three states have a legalized and regulated online gambling systems in place. These are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Both California and Pennsylvania remain in discussions to legalize online gambling, yet this may take years to finalize.

Playing at online casino sites with a license in the US important for player safety. Sites such as this UK reviews website provide quality information on licensing for many online casino sites.

For new US casinos, obtaining a licensing in one of the states that offer them is of paramount importance. Let’s take a closer look at how these three states regulate gambling and provide licenses to prospective casino sites.

Licensing Requirements in Nevada

As home to Las Vegas, Nevada is well known to be a gambling mecca across the globe. Yet few people know that the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board also regulate online gambling in the state, which has been legal since 2013.

At present, these regulatory bodies only allow casinos with a Nevada license to provide games to players within Nevada. Online sites with a Nevada license include Bovada.

Licensing Requirements in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the story is similar to that of Nevada. Since 2012, the state has offered it’s residents access to a wide range of new US casino sites offering everything from card games to slots and more.

Naturally, only players from NJ are able to access these sites, which include big names such as Bwin and 888.

Licensing Requirements in Delaware

Delaware is known as a progressive, small state in the US northeast. Having legalized online gambling in 2012, the state provides residents with access to a quality selection of new US casinos.

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