Free COVID-19 App Shows 1,500+ Casino and Gaming Property Reopenings



Web app provides instant details and a complete history of all casino and gaming property closings and reopenings in the U.S and Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic

The next generation of a new web app showing the full history of more than 2,000 casino and gaming property closings and 1,500 reopenings was released today at as a free service provided by Casino City Press.

The application features interactive U.S. and Canada gaming industry reopening maps color-coded to show the percentage of properties reopened in each state and province. The maps show current reopening status or the status on any day since the pandemic began. They can also be toggled to display commercial vs. Indian gaming property statuses. Drilling down to state and province maps displays individual gaming property locations and reveals detailed property profiles.

The app charts the closing and reopening of the gaming industry over time. On March 1, 2,192 casino and other gaming properties were open. Almost every property was closed for the entire month of April before properties began to reopen in May. By June 1, 744 properties were open and on July 1 that number had more than doubled to 1,583. Separate charts covering Indian, Commercial, United States and Canadian gaming are provided.

A variety of summary tables are also available. One table summarizes the current number of open and closed properties by state and province and property type. The table can be ordered to show which states have the most open or closed properties, or which have the largest or smallest percentage of reopened properties, either for all or for just Indian or commercial properties. Another summary table lists recent reopenings together with property-specific details such as closing and reopening date and property type and location with a news article covering the property reopening.

Comprehensive tables are provided for every state and province. In total, 2,187 properties are currently covered in the tables (2,002 in the United States and 185 in Canada). The tables can be sorted by property name, location, closing or reopening date, current status and property type. Detailed profiles are provided for each property with information ranging from a property’s address, owner and contact information to property demographics like the number of gaming machines to links to articles about changes in the property’s coronavirus status from our vast collection of nearly 2,500 news articles, press releases and other source documents.

“We are pleased to enhance access to our continuously updated information about reopenings as they occur through our enhanced complimentary COVID-19 web application that now offers a new emphasis on the history of closings and reopenings,” says Michael Corfman, Casino City Press CEO. “From the very beginning our dedicated research team has been investigating and chronicling the closing and reopening of gaming properties in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and Canada.”


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