NGCB: Nevada Gaming Control Board Mask Guidance


As regulators of Nevada’s renowned gaming industry, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”) is proud of the industry’s outstanding efforts to vaccinate its hospitality workforce. This remarkable work, resulting in vaccination of a substantial percentage of the people who make up the hospitality workforce, will benefit the gaming industry, the local governments that rely upon the gaming economy, and, ultimately, it will benefit the state.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board has implemented and enforced the Governor’s emergency

directives. Emergency Directive 045 originally pertained to wearing masks outdoors, while retaining a mask requirement for all indoor gaming floor areas of gaming properties.

Now, with updated CDC guidance and with the Governor’s Directive 045 incorporating this updated CDC

guidance by reference, which clarifies that fully vaccinated individuals need not wear masks indoors or outdoors in most situations, the Board’s position regarding mask requirements for indoor and outdoor gaming floor areas will follow Emergency Directive 045, updated by reference:

The Board neither requires nor prohibits gaming licensees from confirming patron vaccination status. Licensees are encouraged to post signage with the latest CDC mask guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.

The Board’s agents will not attempt to confirm vaccination status of patrons. Consequently, unless circumstances change, it is not practical for the Board to attempt to enforce a mask mandate tethered to an individual’s vaccination status.

Licensees may have mask policies that are more restrictive than the CDC guidance. Staff should consult with their employers regarding workplace COVID-19 safety protocols. To be clear, however, a private employer’s policies regarding COVID-19 safety protocol are not Board policies.

For additional information, please see Emergency Directive 045 and today’s clarification published by the Nevada Health Response.

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