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Fandom Invests in Video Across Its Portfolio of Brands with New Original Content Slate



On the heels of its recent acquisition of leading gaming and entertainment brands including GameSpotMetacritic and TV Guide, Fandom is investing in its new portfolio with a slate of original video content that superserves fans and unlocks new branded content opportunities for advertisersBeginning in May with the launch of seven new shows, Fandom is delivering against consumer and advertiser demand with more short-form original video content across its brands, made “for gamers, by gamers” including destination programming and personality-hosted shows.

Both endemic and non-endemic advertisers can target and engage with fans, particularly gaming audiences, across their entire consumer journey including reference, news, reviews and ratings. This new slate of video content offers additional branded content opportunities for partners looking to authentically reach true gaming and entertainment fans at scale.

“Gaming is our largest and fastest growing audience, eclipsing 150 million monthly visitors, so we’re doubling down on our gaming content with this new original programming lineup,” says Michael Chiang, Chief Business Officer, Fandom. “The acquisition of these leading editorial brands created new avenues for us to serve fans and clients in even more immersive ways, and our fan-first, premium content allows us to authentically connect with our audiences and truly stand out in the digital media space.”

In May, Fandom will release five fan-focused original shows on GameSpot’s YouTube channel that explores every aspect of the world of video games including:

  • The Kurt Locker: With his distinctive style and personality, GameSpot Senior Producer Kurt Indovina explores current trends in gaming, as well as their impact on gaming culture and gamers themselves through unique video essays that are approachable, cozy, and kinetic. The Kurt Locker premieres on May 2 with new episodes airing weekly on Tuesdays.
  • No Hud: Premiering on May 3 and airing every Wednesday, GameSpot examines new ways to play video games that make them feel fresh and new.
  • Experts React: This limited-run series calls on various experts – from sword masters and viking historians to tattoo artists – to break down and analyze the hottest gaming titles for an in-depth analysis of how close games come to reality. Experts React premieres on May 4 with new episodes airing Thursdays.
  • Spot On: A weekly premium news show airing Fridays hosted by GameSpot’s Managing Editor Tamoor Hussain & Senior Producer Lucy James. Spot On premieres on May 5.
  • How It Saved: Hosted by Dave Klein, GameSpot’s Senior Producer, How It Saved shows how specific games have pulled franchises back from the brink of failure, or reversed the fortunes of entire companies. The first episode premiering on May 7 will be “How Resident Evil 4 SAVED Resident Evil”. New episodes of this limited series will air Sundays.
Also premiering in May, Fandom is launching new, short-form entertainment content across its entertainment brands Metacritic and Screen Junkies:
  • Metacritic Review Lab on Fandom Entertainment’s YouTube channel: With the massive data-set of Metacritic’s review aggregator, plus Fandom’s own in-house critics and data experts, the Metacritic Review Lab sorts through the noise of varied critical opinion and fan sentiment to bring you the clearest, fairest evaluation of new movie release’s quality that you can find online. Metacritic Review Lab premieres in May with 2-3 new episodes debuting each month. Upcoming episodes include reviews of Fast XThe Little MermaidAcross the Spiderverse and Indiana Jones 5.
  • Honest Trailers Presents on Screen Junkies’ YouTube channel: With over 1 million views each week, Fandom is giving its Emmy-nominated “Honest” series a fresh spin with new formats including celebrity biography, TV theme songs, and commercial advertising. Honest Trailer Presents premieres on May 2 with new episodes airing monthly on Tuesdays.
Additionally, the below series will premiere in Q3:
  • GameSpot InsiderGameSpot Insider is a quarterly limited series that pulls back the curtain on some of the most beloved video game studios in the world. With unique access, we delve deep into the creation of some huge, eagerly anticipated titles. Each episode leverages the talents of GameSpot’s seasoned writers, interviewers, and editors to deliver a documentary-quality viewing experience that is informative, insightful, and entertaining. It will also be part of a wider content rollout that includes written articles.
  • Challenge Accepted: GameSpot talent and content creators are tasked to come up with the most creative solutions to out-of-the-box gaming challenges in Challenge Accepted. From getting your entire team to rage quit, to beating Mario with a Guitar Hero controller, to coaching your mom through her first Call of Duty deathmatch, we’ll push GameSpot employees, influencers, and content creators to their absolute limit with challenges they’ve NEVER faced before.


Fortnite Battle Royale Global Championship and Rocket League World Championship Head to Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, This September



The location for upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale and Rocket League in-person Championship events has been revealed! Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas will host both the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Global Championship 2024 and Rocket League World Championship 2024 this September.

FNCS Global Championship 2024

Mark your calendars for September 7-8: the in-person FNCS Global Championship will feature 50 of the top Fortnite Competitive duos from around the globe, competing for a share of the $2,002,000 USD prize pool.

Qualification, format, and key dates for the Global Championship can be found in the FNCS 2024 Details blog post.

Ticketing information will be revealed in the coming month, with updates to be posted on the Fortnite Competitive website and social media channels. For more information, check out the reveal blog.

RLCS World Championship 2024

This year’s Rocket League World Championship runs from September 10-15 and returns to Dickies Arena on September 13-15 for the final two days of competition in front of a live audience. The culmination of the RLCS 2024 season, the Rocket League World Championship will feature the 16 best international teams and a $1,165,000 USD prize pool.

Rocket League World Championship 2024 qualification, format, and key dates can be found in the 2024 season announcement blog.

Ticketing information will be revealed in the coming month, with updates to be posted on the Rocket League Esports website and social media channels. For more information, check out the reveal blog.

BLAST, Rocket League Esports and Fortnite Competitive have teamed up with the Fort Worth Sports Commission, an international sports destination agency, and C3 Presents, Texas’ leading event promotion companies, to help support and promote both events coming to Fort-Worth, Texas in September 2024.

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Exploring Canada’s video Game Market: Survey Insights




Technology has become a great source of entertainment to many. Video games particularly have garnered interest from all demographics. In Canada, the gaming industry has experienced significant growth, fuelled by increased accessibility to gaming platforms and the growth of online gaming communities.

Statistics indicate that a large percentage of Canadians are engaged in gaming activities, whether it be playing console or PC games, mobile games, or online multiplayer games. The popularity of video games extends beyond leisure pastimes, with many Canadians participating in gaming competitions, attending gaming conventions, and consuming gaming-related content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

The number of video game users in Canada reflects how broad the sector is, from mobile games to digital video games, download games and live streaming. In 2024, the gaming sector will see millions of users in each of these categories. Statista projects 13.38 million users for digital video games and 7.35 million users for online games respectively. It estimates that revenue in the Canadian video game market is expected to reach US$3,925.00m in 2024, so it is no surprise to observe the increasing popularity of the sector.

Well-known online casino provider BetVictor has compiled some key points from major surveys detailing the video game market to give further insight into its makeup and potential. The gaming culture in Canada is growing, which means the type of games and genres will grow along with the sector. Statista recently conducted a survey of 1 576 respondents aged 18 – 64 who are avid video game players, with telling results. ​​In December 2023, a survey about preferred video game genres in Canada revealed the top four genres as being Action, Action – adventure, Adventure and casual games accounting for 31% of respondents’ preferences.

David Winter, Marketing Manager at BetVictor notes that “We’ve seen a steady increase in the popularity of action-themed and adventure-themed slots and many providers are exploring how to expand further into this market.”

The popularity of Action games such as platform and fighting games can be attributed to various factors, such as: social interaction, accessibility and inclusivity, social appeal, and cultural influence. With such a diverse audience, all these factors are crucial to understand the appeal of Action games.

In the digital age, gaming has transcended mere entertainment to become a cornerstone of culture, and nowhere is this more evident than in Canada. From coast to coast, a diverse community of gamers is thriving, reflecting the country’s inclusive spirit and passion for technology. Whether it’s the casual gamer enjoying a quick session on their smartphone or the dedicated enthusiast meticulously building a custom gaming PC, Canada offers a welcome haven for all kinds of gamers.

Diving deeper into the Statista results, Strategy games accounted for 29%. This shows us that players have a strong interest in tactical and decision-making games. While role-playing (RPG) and sports games garnered 22% each, simulation and shooters trailed slightly behind at 21% and 20% respectively.

MMO (massively multiplayer online games), as well as MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) and MOBA (multi online battle arenas) came in at 13% and 8% respectively, representing a significant but niche following. With such a diverse array of preferences, the survey underscores the multifaceted nature of interests among Canadian gamers. It highlights the need for game developers to cater for a wide range of genres and gameplaying styles in the Canadian market.

From action shooter games to role-playing adventures, the industry has something for every gaming enthusiast in the Canadian market. Overall, the popularity of video games in Canada reflects a growing cultural phenomenon, where gaming has become a mainstream form of entertainment and a significant aspect of modern-day leisure activities.

Statistics anticipate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.10% for 2022-2027, resulting in a projected market volume of US$24.52bn by 2027. Canada’s online gaming market is experiencing a surge in popularity, with a surging number of Canadian players engaging in immersive virtual reality experiences.

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Knorr and World-renowned Gamer and Streamer, Ninja, Call on Gaming Industry to Supercharge Vegetables in Games




Knorr – a global leader in bouillons, soups, seasonings, sauces, and more – and world-famous gamer and streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, reveal to top gaming publishers a little-known imbalance found in a multitude of their games. While everyone knows veggies are good for you in real life, they’re not so good in the virtual world of gaming.

Ninja and Knorr think it’s high time veggies are powered up to get the recognition they deserve, and they are calling on the gaming community worldwide to join this ambition with its #ModTheVeg petition. Gaming fans are invited to sign a petition to show their support for giving veggies a boost in the virtual world and bring a new balance to gaming sustenance.

With a passion for supercharging veggies in the real and virtual world thanks to its flavorful seasonings, Knorr investigated just how much veggies are lagging in the virtual world and in 15 top games they fell behind significantly. For example, in one popular game munching meat gives a +15HP boost while chomping on cabbage delivers just +10HP. In other games the difference is even bigger, where a beef steak brings +552HP while a hearty bean stew lies in its wake, only patching up to the tune of +61HP.

“Recently, I’ve been more mindful of what I put in my body, I have learned how important balanced meals are for my long-term health. Historically, through games we have been limited to using meat based diets to get you through the main quests or heal faster, while apples or cabbage heal you for way smaller. Wouldn’t it be awesome if veggies counted for more in game? Well that’s why I teamed up with Knorr, they came up with some awesome mods for all our favorite games, which will teach fans the importance of veggies and a balanced diet,” said Ninja.

As part of part Ninja’s partnership with Knorr, he will stream on Friday, March 22 at 2 pm PST to bring the issue to his followers, champion veggie equality and play some exciting veggie specific mods. He won’t be alone as a crack squad of eight streamers from across the globe are joining the mission over the coming weeks.

“At Knorr, we believe in making good food accessible for all, so we’re thrilled to team up with Ninja to show how powerful veggies can be and create a new taste of adventure in gaming. We hope this campaign will catch the attention of gaming publishers and spur them on to re-evaluate their games and give veggies the supercharge they deserve,” said Gina Kiroff, Chief Marketing Officer of Knorr North America.

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