SCCG Management Announces Strategic Partnership with Xite Holdings LTD. for Global Distribution of their Innovative Lottery Products and Platforms
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Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management announced a strategic partnership with Xite Holdings, providing business development, and strategic advisory services for their alphabet lottery products and platforms.

Stephen Crystal said of the partnership “We are thrilled to partner with Xite Holdings and their alphabet lottery platform developed with AZ Billions. Their innovative approach to jackpot lottery is the first of its kind, replacing the standard numeric format with an alphabetical format that collaborates with charities. We plan to utilize our global presence and extensive gaming industry network to help Xite Holdings bring their innovative lottery products to market.”

Craig Austin, Founder and CEO of Xite Holdings said “The team at Xite Holdings Ltd are elated to be partnered with SCCG. Xite Holdings Ltd have developed a unique alternative in the online lottery space with AZ Billions. It’s a first of its kind alphabet lottery platform that is available globally, and the scope of the partnership with SCCG will ensure that our unique offering takes the business to the next level. The AZ Billions lottery platform uses letters instead of numbers, using a digital drawing system and an animated live stream of each draw. Along with AZ Billions, Xite Holdings have a number of other products in the pipeline and with SCCG we look forward to bringing these to the market in the near future. Exciting times for Xite Holdings LTD and lottery players world wide. Thanks again Stephen and the team at SCCG.”

Xite Holdings LTD (XHL) is an esteemed Alphabet Lottery company working in collaboration with Charities. Their platform “AZ Billions” Is an Australian invented alphabet lottery system with an international patent pending, The AZBillions, alphabet lottery will be launched globally, through the purpose built, internationally licensed, lottery platform, Which offers the worlds favorite, and treasured lotteries. Their product is offered globally and SCCG will leverage their regional offices in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Uganda, UK and India to assist with business development and distribution.

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