There is a Clear Winner Here: The American People


Veteran film producer and Global Sports Financial Exchange, Inc. CEO Zack Ward says, “The January 15, 2019 Department of Justice (DOJ) 1961 Wire Act Memorandum is not the final word on Internet gambling, it is just a fierce reminder that they are in charge of the conversation. However, their actions will be the real statement. We are in a ‘wait and see’ scenario to find out exactly how they will enforce their position. How will they pursue the law on intrastate vs interstate and what qualifies as an illegal breach in our modern age of cloud computing? What level of priority will the United States Attorney’s office assign to hundreds of prosecutors across the nation? How aggressive will they be? How much support will The White House give?

Regardless of what happens, there is a clear winner here: The American People

Hopefully the DOJ’s wakeup call has saved investors from running in blinded by the ‘gambling gold rush’ and losing their life savings. We all remember how crypto currency was the new ‘Sure Thing Savior’ for all our financial woes and it ended up spanking thousands of Americans for billions of dollars. Thankfully, like a trusted sheriff, the DOJ has reined in the speculative investment stampede, saving us from another financial tombstone.  No matter what your opinion, the next 90 days will be interesting.”

NHL Legend Bernie Nicholls says: “In understanding the importance of the Wire Act back in the 60’s when there were no cell phones, it is hard to imagine this not being enforced in today’s environment. It makes sense that this was used to protect the public, why wouldn’t it be used today? I think this is likely the last straw for the states that feel they should be offering sports betting to the public. With all the money being lost trying to figure this out, it’s only a matter of time before the leagues realize they are going to have a very hard time making any money from sports betting, as I don’t see why any casino operators would just start handing money over to the leagues when they have never had to do that in the past. Seriously, it’s time to close the book on daily fantasy and sports betting and time to open the book on sports investing.”

“No matter what kind of slant is put on this, this is an extremely bad day for the online gambling rip-off artists and a very good day for our nation in general. It also creates an extraordinary opportunity for us to push our sports investing concept and platform ahead rapidly,” says The Sports Vote political director, Chris Rabalais. “With questions swirling around the recent NFL playoffs, is more gambling the answer? Without confidence in the integrity of the games, the public will flee and the leagues will collapse.”

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