Optimove joins GiG Marketplace to Advance CRM Marketing Offering


The partnership will further enhance the provider’s operator portfolio of clients to scale CRM Marketing personalization and orchestration capabilities via Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM journeys

Optimove, a leading CRM Marketing solution for iGaming has today announced a new partnership with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), one of the leading technology companies providing solutions, products, and services to iGaming operators. The new collaboration further empowers GiG’s client base to scale CRM Marketing personalization and orchestration via Optimove’s AI-mapped journeys.

The Malta-based group offers best-in-class third-party solutions to iGaming operators, such as CRM Marketing hubs, platforms, data and analysis, compliance, and more. Operators using GiG can choose, for example, to manage different regions or markets using different solutions. The partnership will allow customers to create deeper relationships with players by reacting to their actions in real-time using tailored messages and offers across multiple channels. By orchestrating sophisticated personalized AI-mapped customer journeys at scale via Optimove’s multichannel marketing hub, operators can maximize retention rates and Customer Lifetime Value.

The key capabilities via Optimove:

1. Enriched customer profiles: Unifying all historical, predictive, and real-time customer data from sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove to create a comprehensive single customer view.
2. Multichannel personalization and orchestration: Orchestrating hundreds of campaigns seamlessly by leveraging Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM Journeys to deliver customer communications across any channel.
3. A continuous optimization loop: Leverage Optimove’s productized experimentation tools to continuously measure the incremental uplift of each campaign, journey, and strategy to optimize CRM Marketing performance continuously.

“We’re delighted to partner with one of the leading CRM Marketing platforms in the iGaming market,” said Martin Collins, Director of Sales and Business Development at GiG. “Our vision is to provide operators with top-of-the-line technology and solutions to remain one step ahead of the pack. Optimove, with its advanced CRM Marketing capabilities, is a natural partner for us and a great solution for our clients.”

“We’re excited to join forces with GiG as a CRM Marketing solution for their operator portfolio,” said Dan de Souza, Director of Partnerships at Optimove. “GiG operators will continue to be able to gain a competitive edge by using advanced CRM Marketing capabilities to orchestrate hyper-personalized communications with hundreds of segments, thereby improving retention rates, Customer Lifetime Value, and the overall bottom line.”

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