KeyStar Corp has acquired the assets of ZenSports and esports gaming specialist Ultimate Gamer. As part of the acquisition of ZenSports’ assets and brand, the ZenSports team has joined KeyStar.

ZenSports is a native-mobile enterprise, DeFi, and entertainment platform that offers a suite of sports betting, eSports, digital currency, payment, NFT, content curation, and identity solutions. Its underlying fintech backbone is being leveraged across all KeyStar brands and will be available as a standalone solution under the newly created Burstive brand. Ultimate Gamer is an eSports brand focused on competitive online and live eSports competitions.

“Together with our net new innovation initiatives, by acquiring both ZenSports’ and Ultimate Gamer’s assets, KeyStar has assembled a comprehensive platform capability that enables both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer offerings within the exciting sports betting, eSports, and fintech/digital currency markets. The establishment of these three pillars represents an opportunity for KeyStar to grow our global business and provide many benefits for both our business and consumer clients. In addition, our leadership team has decades of experience in these industries, and we’re thrilled to have ZenSports’ amazing team join us as we acquire and grow these product lines and solutions,” KeyStar CEO John Linss said.

Under the ZenSports brand, KeyStar expects to expand its sports betting presence in the US and internationally. The company plans on obtaining both state and international gaming licenses targeted at both B2C operations and B2B licensing opportunities.

KeyStar will host and manage all eSports tournaments under the Ultimate Gamer brand, except for those incorporating sports betting – all sports betting will take place within the ZenSports brand. Utilizing ZenSports’ proprietary eSports tournament technology and Ultimate Gamer’s eSports branding and audience, KeyStar plans to create an immersive gaming experience for all tournament and one-on-one matches.

With the creation of the Burstive brand, KeyStar is leveraging ZenSports’ proven proprietary cryptocurrency payments API and trading exchange technology to create white-label fintech solutions for enterprise customers.

“We’re excited to be able to offer enterprises a next-generation fintech solution that should encompass all the best that cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance have to offer,” Linss said.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the experienced and innovative team at KeyStar. The combination of KeyStar’s brands and ZenSports technology provides an innovation platform that we believe will position KeyStar as the entertainment, gaming, and fintech technology leader for many years to come,” Mark Thomas, Co-Founder of ZenSports, said.

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