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5 Key Similarities Between Esports Players and Traditional Sports Players




Whether you’ve been a dedicated gamer for years or simply enjoy casual sessions in your free time, you’ve no doubt heard of Esports. One of the biggest sectors shaking up the gaming industry in recent years, Esports is a form of competitive gaming that sees professional players compete against opponents either individually, or in teams.

As Esports grows in popularity, many have begun to consider whether the activity should actually be considered a ‘sport’, as its name suggests. One fact that supports this argument is the similarities between Esports players and athletes that compete in more conventional leagues such as the NFL, NBA, or EFL. Although it may seem like these two parties have little in common, this is not the case. From the way they train, to the fanbase surrounding them, both Esports competitors and their traditional athletic counterparts share many qualities. In this article we take a look at some of the biggest similarities between the two. Who knows – after reading this you may be persuaded to take Esports more seriously.

Intense Training Regimes are the Norm

We’ve all heard of the phrase, ‘practice makes perfect’ and this could not be truer in the world of sports. All athletes, whether amateur or professional, can’t compete to the best of their ability if they have not spent adequate time on the practice field. Just like regular sports players, Esports players must prepare themselves to perform competitively. The only real difference here lies in the manner in which the two types of athletes do so.

For example, basketball players normally hit the court multiple times a week, running through drills with their teammates and practicing certain plays. Physical exercises may include lunges, squats, and pullups, while weight training is also important. On the other hand, Esports players keep themselves busy by working on their reflexes and response times. Since many games are first-person shooter titles, Esports competitors must have elite hand eye coordination, and rapid finger movement. Although the way they train is focused on the development of distinct skill-sets, both athletic pursuits require a significant amount of practice.

Both Groups Compete with Fans Present 

It’s no secret that fans are what drives much of the sports industry’s lucrative nature. When it comes to both Esports and traditional sports, massive audiences of loyal fans follow players to the ends of the earth. In fact, Esports tournaments are often held in huge, multi-purpose sports stadiums and see thousands of spectators cheering on their favorite players. Sports like hockey, football, and baseball also have annual competitions and seasonal games that sell out arenas around the world.

Additionally, betting is a common practice in both athletic fields, as fans take to virtual platforms to place wagers ahead of important match ups. Online sports betting for traditional sports is currently taking off in places like the U.S. as more lawmakers begin to legalize the activity in their states. This has caused more and more providers to pop up throughout the web, offering promotions such as risk-free bets to new and existing customers. Little is different in the world of Esports, as the growing number of premium leagues is leading to greater investment and spectator interest, causing the market to grow exponentially.

In the future, the rates of spectatorship in Esports are only expected to grow, causing a steady increase in the availability of betting platforms as well. One thing’s for certain – if you attend a live competition in either sport and close your eyes to hear only the fan’s cheers around you, both audiences are sure to deliver loud cries of support for the teams they support.

Communication is Crucial for Success

Like any team sport, communication is a hugely important factor that can either drive success or produce failure. In the same way that members of a football team are constantly communicating with their teammates out on the pitch, Esports competitors must embrace teamwork and speak verbally to each other throughout gameplay. This has resulted in the arrival of gaming jargon that is Esports-specific. For instance, a ‘carry’ refers to a player that is protected by the rest of their team with the intention of pulling a surprise attack on the opponent, while ‘man on’ is the call that one player makes to another to warn them that an opposing force is close by.

Likewise there is a wealth of jargon utilized in traditional leagues. In the NFL, any single game is packed full of specialist terms that players use to communicate the state of play. After all, when you’re in the heat of the moment trying to score a goal no one has time for long sentences.

An Esports announcer gets the crowd hyped up during a live tournament

Players Have Celebrity Status

As stated before, both groups are widely followed by fans around the world. This has caused them to retain celebrity status in their respective circles. Esports players are well-known on different streaming sites like Twitch which give them a platform to share their talent. Additionally, events like the annual Esports Awards bring further attention to those in the professional gaming scene.

Traditional sports stars have massive followings on social media and are recognized in public wherever they go. At live tournaments and games, Esports players are flooded with media attention and requests for photographs, as their fans just want a small opportunity to get up close and personal with the professional gamers they know and love. This is no different in traditional sports, as backstage passes and VIP seats are highly sought after.

Hefty Salaries and Endorsement Deals

Last but not least, Esports players and traditional sports players both take home considerably salaries. In fact, the monetary rewards for winning at Esports tournament actually rivals those of standard professional sports organizations. These prize pools are so large that pro gamers have the opportunity to double their yearly earnings with just one victory. In both sports, endorsements and sponsorships are the norm, as huge brands like BMW, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and many more look to invest.

So, there you have it. Perhaps now you can see how closely intertwined players of Esports and traditional sports really are, despite their surface-level differences.


The Game Awards 2023: The Rise of eSports from Start to Finish



The rise of eSports

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, few industries have witnessed a meteoric rise quite like eSports. What once started as a niche in the gaming world has now grown into a global sensation, captivating both amateur and professional players with its competitive events, life-changing cash prizes, and viewership figures in the hundreds of millions. Domain and hosting experts Fasthosts has compiled a brief overview of the rise of eSports, and competitive gaming throughout the years, and where the future may take the industry.

The Start of Competitive Gaming

eSports, at its core, revolves around competitive video gaming, and has experienced exponential growth over the past five decades. The earliest known gaming competition stems back to 1972, when Stanford University hosted a contest featuring the science fiction rocket game ‘Spacewar’. The event – orchestrated by sports reporter Stewart Brand – showcased the potential of video games as an “exhilarating spectator sport”, setting the stage for what was to come.

The Slow but Steady Rise

For several decades, the popularity of eSports experienced a gradual rise. In the pre-internet era, arcade tournaments provided the battleground for players, with magazines and record books recognising top players’ achievements. The 1990s marked a turning point as gaming tournaments began to gain traction, offering increasingly substantial prize pools. The technological advancements in video game consoles, and internet and PC gaming paved the way for a prosperous decade for the industry. At the end of the 90s we saw the internet cafe boom where young players would meet and play together in PC cafes, which was the start of the strong youth social gaming culture you see today.

The New Millennium

It was the early 2000s that witnessed the true birth of eSports as leagues and tournaments started to take shape around iconic titles like Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Warcraft III. In 2001, the first World Cyber Games was held in Seoul. The tournament featured several popular games and attracted over 174,000 participants from 17 countries, making for an unexpected global success. In 2005, the CPL World Tour or Cyberathlete Professional League became the first event to have a prize pool offering over $1 million, demonstrating the start of life changing prizes that go hand in hand with competitive gaming.

Streaming Platforms: The Catalyst for Growth

From 2010 onwards, the world witnessed the revolutionary impact of online streaming platforms like and Youtube Gaming, leading to skyrocketing eSports viewership figures. When Twitch launched, the ‘League of Legends’ world championship viewership figures went from 1.7 million in 2011 to 8.2 million in 2012, and to 32 million in 2013.

These streaming platforms connected fans worldwide, allowing them to tune into live events from home. The large viewing figures, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities led to investors starting their own teams, and household game developers creating leagues and tournaments. It became standard for eSports events to attract millions of viewers, and the landscape of competitive gaming had been transformed.

The Summit

In 2015, eSports reached a defining moment with The International 2015: Dota 2 Championships. The prize pool offered a staggering $18 million, breaking records and solidifying eSports’ place on the global stage. This marked a monumental shift, proving that tournaments could rival traditional sports events in terms of both prize money and profitability.

The New Decade: eSports Takes Centre Stage

As the calendar turned to the 2020s, eSports entered a new era. The decade began with some of the largest tournaments in history, attracting millions of spectators and providing the largest prize pools seen to date such as The 2021 International Dota 2 Championships which took place in Bucharest Romania, offering a $40,018,400.00 prize pool – the largest prize at the time.

By 2020, it had become increasingly common to see the term “professional eSports player” conceptualising the individuals dedicating their lives to competitive gaming, undergoing strict routines and training in the unique journey of becoming the world’s next best gaming athlete.

The Future

At present, the most-viewed tournaments are impressive spectacles in their own right, with titles like ‘Free Fire World Series’, ‘League of Legends’, and ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’ drawing millions of viewers. Looking to the future, in August 2023, Saudi Arabian tournament organiser Gamers8 ran their ‘The Land of Heroes’ tournament with a colossal prize of $45 million dollars, a figure that we will see constantly being pushed higher in tournaments in following years. And according to, the eSports market is estimated to grow at 21.81% between 2022 and 2027, with the size of the market expected to increase by $3,515.1 million.

The journey of competitive gaming from its humble beginnings to its current global standing is a testament to its enduring appeal and cultural impact. With its exhilarating competition and substantial rewards, eSports has become a true force in the entertainment world. As the industry continues to innovate and evolve, one thing remains clear: this isn’t just a passing trend. It’s a phenomenon that has permanently transformed the way we engage with and celebrate competitive gaming.

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Global Esports Federation Reveals Season 4 of Global Esports Tour from Rio De Janeiro




The Global Esports Federation’s pro-series – Global Esports Tour (GET) – will kick off its next season in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April 2024. Staged by the Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports (CBGE) and strongly supported by Brazil’s National, State and Local partners. The event promises intense competition and a boost for economic and tourism development in the vibrant city.

GET Rio 2024, the first stage of a multi-year Global Esports Tour slated for Brazil from 2024 to 2026, is set to feature the Counter-Strike 2 championship with eight Open teams and four Women’s teams, competing for the coveted prize bank of $200,000. Beyond intense gaming action, the Rio Free Fire Cup (JEDIS), cosplay performance, conference panels, art and urban culture will enhance this innovative event.

“With the selection of Rio de Janeiro as the launch site for the Global Esports Tour 2024, we are embracing the passion and commitment of the Brazilian esports community. This marks a pivotal moment in elevating Brazil’s position in the world of esports. As we expand our global GET portfolio, we are proud to appoint GEF’s Director of Programs and Content, Eric F. Brinkley, as our first GET Commissioner,” Paul J. Foster, CEO of GEF, said.

“We are honored to host our first stage of the Global Esports Tour over the next three years. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the world’s talented esports athletes, promote esports in our region, and develop the esports industry in Brazil,” Paulo Ribas, President of CBGE, said.

“We are preparing an epic event. It will be a great party, a true convergence between competition and entertainment in one of the most vibrant destinations in the world,” Paulo added.

Rodrigo Castro, State Secretary for Events and Promotion of Rio de Janeiro State, said: “In addition to contributing to the state’s economy, esports is a way of transforming lives. It is a privilege to bring an international event to Rio de Janeiro with content including music, the arts and culture. We are proud to be the hosts of this major event for our diverse, young community.”

The support from the State Government, Ministry of Sports, State Secretariat of Sports, and Suderj underscores the collaborative effort to make the Global Esports Tour a transformative experience for Rio de Janeiro and the esports community.

Mario Cilenti, Executive Director of Operations at GEF, said: “Brazil is a key growth region for esports, and we believe this event will not only showcase the talent of professional esports athletes but also provide an opportunity to continue to fuel growth in this powerful region.”

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Gillette named as the Official Partner of the Esports Awards



Gillette named as the Official Partner of the Esports Awards


  • Gillette joins forces as the official partner of the prestigious Esports Awards, marking a partnership of two industry leaders set to deliver an unforgettable experience
  • As part of the collaboration, Gillette will present the Esports Awards pre-show and will feature “Gillette resets” as transitions between segments at the Awards ceremony

The Esports Awards presented by Lexus, the most prestigious night in the esports calendar, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the world’s leading expert in men’s grooming, Gillette.

As part of the partnership, Gillette will present the Esports Awards pre-show, promising a showcase of talent, innovation, and excellence in the esports world. Alongside this, Gillette has introduced ‘Gillette Resets’, as exciting transitions between segments of the main ceremony.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the world of esports, uniting the acclaimed grooming brand Gillette with the prestigious Esports Awards to deliver an unforgettable event. Presented by Gillette, the Esports Awards Pre-show promises to be an exciting showcase of talent, innovation, and excellence in the esports world. Throughout the main ceremony, viewers will witness the fusion of gaming and grooming as Gillette introduces “Gillette resets”.

With initiatives such as the ‘Gillette Gaming Alliance’ and the thrilling ‘Gillette Cup’ Fortnite Tournament, Gillette is no stranger to the world of esports and gaming. This partnership, the fusion of gaming and grooming, emphasises Gillette and the Esports Awards joint commitment of fostering and celebrating excellence in esports.

“We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Gillette, a brand known for excellence and precision. This collaboration marks an essential step forward in our journey to honour and celebrate the incredible achievements of esports industry leaders,” commented Mike Ashford, CEO of the Esports Awards, “With Gillette’s unwavering support, we are confident that we can continue to elevate and recognise the extraordinary talent within the esports community.”

Project Love, a welcoming initiative by the Esports Awards, will receive generous support from Gillette. As part of this partnership, Gillette will contribute by providing special gifts to VIPs and guests attending the event. Project Love has been a cornerstone of the Esports Awards for several years, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its esteemed guests.

The Esports Awards ceremony, presented by Lexus, is the highlight of a thrilling three-day celebration, including the PWR UP Las Vegas esports conference hosted at the luxurious Resorts World Las Vegas. The ultimate esports, tech and gaming extravaganza will feature groundbreaking events like the Esports Awards Open, a unique golf tournament that blends networking and entertainment with industry leaders and celebrities, shaping the future of esports, tech, and gaming.

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