PayPerHead, one of the world’s leading bookmaker software companies, prides itself on creating features and tools that boost its agents’ bottom lines. One such feature is reseller tools.

Through reseller tools, agents can increase their footprint by providing their brand and expertise to agents with fewer clients. Called subagents, agents who offer online services to a few clients may not want to build an entire branded site.

Instead, the sub signs on with a master agent and directs clients to the master agent website. Reseller tools can also serve as a delegation tool.

According to PayPerHead product manager Nate Johnson, master agents who find they have trouble providing top-notch customer service can delegate a portion of their player count to subagents. “Reseller tools help both subs who don’t want to create specific sites and master agents who can’t provide the best possible service to all of their clients.”

A few PayPerHead agents have taken the master agent – subagent relationship to a much higher level. “There are a few master agents who do nothing but provide their website and brand to subs. They don’t even have a player count.”

These agents, Johnson said, resell their brand. “In a way, it’s a licensing arrangement. The master agent uses reseller tools to license their site and brand to subs.”

There is another way agents make money with the reseller tools. “An agent with a lot of clients doesn’t have to find an actual person to serve as a subagent. The agent could create a subagent account so that they can efficiently run their sportsbook.”

Johnson said that creating a subagent account gives agents flexibility. “The agent can set 5 cent juice on lines for a certain group of players. Or an agent can create a pro player group, house it under a subagent account, and offer additional services to their pro players.”

PayPerHead’s product manager said those are just examples. “There are multiple ways agents can use reseller tools to run a more efficient and, hopefully, profitable sportsbook. Reseller tools allow for elasticity, which we believe help master agents make more money and keep their customers happy.”

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