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The Edge Interviews Steve Bittenbender: Discusses Sports Betting in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri




Half of all SEC states do not have legal sports betting. On The Edge with Larry Henry, Group’s Steve Bittenbender predicts sports betting legislation could be approved during this year’s legislative sessions in Alabama and Georgia in part because of ‘more acceptance among some conservative’ lawmakers.

Sports betting then would require a public vote in Alabama and possibly Georgia. Bittenbender said those two states stand a good chance of legalizing sports betting. “Those are the two, I think, I’m most bullish on,” Bittenbender said of Alabama and Georgia.

In Missouri, ‘rancor’ in the state Senate means a sports betting bill probably won’t pass, Bittenbender said, but the state’s major sports leagues are circulating a petition among registered voters to let the public decide on the November ballot.

The pro sports teams aren’t waiting for the Legislature, Bittenbender said.

“They’ve been down that road before and they’ve seen how that story ends up,” he said. “The best chance that it’ll have is through this referendum process.”

On Alabama and Georgia:

“In Georgia, it passed the Senate and it’s now going over to the House. And in Alabama, it’s the other way around. It cleared the House first and now it’s going to the Senate. The Senate in Alabama; there’s going to be some opposition to it (sports betting legislation), some conservative opposition.

“But you’ve got Governor Ivey who’s a big supporter of this and I think that’s going to help tip the scales in gaming’s favor.

“And it’s not just sports betting in Alabama, it would give them a lottery. They’re one of five states that don’t have a state lottery so it would give them that. It would give them fully-fledged casinos. There’s a couple of tribal casinos in the state but now they would have, I think, seven Class 3 casinos across the state. And then you would also have sports betting as well.

“That kind of omnibus legislation, especially with the people that are supporting it, will help get that through in Alabama.

“Georgia is a similar situation but they’ve actually scaled it down. There had been talks in recent years about doing casino resort legislation but they’re just focused right now on doing sports betting, getting that through and maybe looking at other expanded gaming later on down the road.

“In Georgia the question is going to be whether or not it will need a constitutional amendment. There are proponents for it that cite a former Supreme Court judge from the state, who says: sports betting is a lottery game, the lottery is legal under the constitution, so you don’t need an amendment.

“Some people though are kind of concerned, they fear a legal challenge might happen. So, they want to see a referendum on it.

“If it requires a referendum, that would require essentially two votes in the legislature. One to pass the enacting legislation, which would need just a simple majority in both chambers. But a second one for a resolution calling for the referendum, that would require a two thirds majority in both chambers. That’s a little trickier.

“The way the vote came down in the Senate earlier this month, they had the votes for the two thirds majority in Georgia in the Senate, but I don’t know if they would have that in the House and that’s a key concern that needs to be addressed.”

On Missouri:

“I think it’s happening already (the sports betting petitions having success). The proponents have already started in St Louis, right around the time of the Cardinals FanFest event earlier this month.

“So, they’re not waiting for the legislature, they’ve been down that road before and they’ve seen how that story ends up. And with the way that there’s a lot of rancor right now in the Missouri Senate, not just about sports betting but a lot of things in between, there’s a real fracture between Republicans in that chamber and that’s stalling a lot of things.

“I’m not optimistic at all that a sports betting bill would pass the legislature even though there’s support for it in Jefferson City. The best chance that it’ll have is through this referendum process.”

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California Gambling Control Commission Approves Key Licensing Decisions Amid Regulatory Updates




The California Gambling Control Commission held a significant meeting on April 18, 2024, to discuss and decide on various licensing and compliance matters crucial for the operation and regulation of the state’s gambling entities. The California Gambling Control Commission’s agenda was packed with key issues ranging from the renewal of cardroom licenses to the approval of tribal gaming key employees.

A notable decision from the meeting was the approval of the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Final Report, allowing for the distribution of quarterly license revenue to eligible recipient Indian tribes. This move underscores the California Gambling Control Commission’s ongoing commitment to supporting tribal communities through structured revenue sharing, even as some financial shortfalls were acknowledged.

The California Gambling Control Commission also reviewed several renewal applications for cardroom owner licenses. Noteworthy renewals included Bankers Casino under Old Town Investments Incorporated, Blacksheep Casino Company and Bruce’s Bar and Casino, which were approved with specific conditions related to operational compliance and security protocols.

Another critical area of focus was the licensing of key employees at tribal casinos. Several applications for initial and renewal of key employee licenses were approved, reflecting the California Gambling Control Commission’s stringent oversight in ensuring that individuals in significant casino roles meet the regulatory requirements. These decisions are essential for maintaining the integrity and security of gaming operations within the state.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the renewal and approval of third-party proposition player services, which are vital for cardrooms that do not bank their games. The California Gambling Control Commission approved several of these licenses, highlighting its role in facilitating responsible gambling while ensuring compliance with state laws.

The California Gambling Control Commission’s actions during the April meeting highlight the complex regulatory environment governing the state’s gambling industry and its proactive approach in adapting to new challenges and ensuring fair and safe gambling practices.

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Compliance Updates

GoldenRace, first virtual sports provider certified in Peru



GoldenRace, first virtual sports provider certified in Peru


GoldenRace, global provider of award-winning Virtual Sports and betting solutions, has recently received the certification for its Virtual Sports product in the Peruvian market.

At the beginning of the present year (February 2024), GoldenRace was registered in the country’s regulator portal, as well as obtained three certifications for Retail, Online and the Jackpot progressive award.

More specifically, the company, which already is the Virtual Sports provider leader in the Latin American market, certified 13 of its games for the retail sector and 21 for the online sector.

It is the first time we certified our Jackpot and also some games such as our newest Crash game, Fire Crash; the penalty-based football game, Penalt2Win; and some classics like Perfect6, Spin2Win American and Spin2Win American Royale.

“This certification process is a clear commitment of the company with the Peruvian market, where we have been focused for a long time now, creating specific products and working locally to give players a premium product they like. This certification is just one more step to keep being leaders in the country,” said Martin Wachter, GoldenRace’s CEO and Founder.

GoldenRace already has some outstanding numbers in Peru’s betting industry, working with 90% of the Retail market (over 6,200 units) and all the major Online operators.

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Compliance Updates

Galaxsys Attains Game Certification in Peru



Galaxsys Attains Game Certification in Peru


Galaxsys continues to expand in Latin America with Peruvian Games Certifications. 

Galaxsys, a well-known games studio in the gaming industry in the fast and skill games vertical, revealed today further global games certification in the Latin American market of Peru.

The games certified for the Peru market include Blackjack, Crash, HiLo, Keno, Penalty, Rocketon, Cash Show, Crasher, and GoldenRA.

Latin America is a growth market for Galaxsys and its broader portfolio of instant, crash, mines, and Plinko games, which are preferred by players who enjoy quick wins. 

Hayk Sargsyan, CEO of Galaxsys, commented: “We are thrilled our games are certified in Peru. This addition of the Peruvian market jurisdiction is now part of a long list of regulated markets in Europe and Latin America, where our games are available. The recent attendance at the trade SAGSE show has successfully delivered new operator partners and a robust inquiry pipeline as Peru, Colombia, and Asia markets are generating incredible growth opportunities for us from tier 1 and local operators alike.

We thank the relevant regulatory bodies for their trust in our commitment to high security, quality standards, and responsible gaming as we continue to make our games available in additional regulated markets.”

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