Better Fan Unveils Web3-Based Sports-Betting Platform
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The growing sports-betting market has increased the need for a safe, sustainable, legal revenue model. Better Fan has developed an innovative sports-betting platform that combines Web3-based infrastructure and the “play-to-earn” (P2E) concept.

Better Fan CEO Metin Durgun emphasizes the platform’s “closed economy” model: “Better Fan’s gamified platform promises to revolutionize the world of sports betting,” he said, noting that 47 million Americans placed at least one bet during the last NFL season, according to data from American Gaming Association.

The world’s first Web3-based gamified betting platform, Better Fan, aims to introduce the idea of legal, ethical and sustainable betting to the global sports-betting market. It “gamifies” the sports-betting ecosystem, thus reducing gamers’ potential losses by letting them place bets without using fiat currencies or crypto.

Durgun distinguished, “On Web2-based platforms, people use real money to place their bet. But if they lose, their entire stake will be lost.”

Since Better Fan users don’t stake anything of value, they can only lose their daily bets – which are renewed every 24 hours. Each user’s NFT-based Fan cards determine bet amounts and daily betting limits. Users can upgrade these NFTs, thereby increasing their Card Rates.

If bets are successful, users have rewarded with Better Fan’s BTB (Better Than Bet) utility tokens. These can be used for in-game activities, and users can exchange them for USDT directly in-game.

“Better Fan’s gamification approach is based on the P2E model,” Durgun explained. “It prevents illegal activity because it doesn’t let ‘hard money’ onto the platform.”

The sports-betting market continues to grow

Research suggests that the global sports-betting market will grow by almost 12% annually, reaching a total value of $178 billion by 2030.

“With traditional betting approaches, only a small portion of this revenue is shared with sports clubs,” Durgun says. “But with Better Fan, in-game taxes and fees are collected in a common pool, thus providing a much fairer means of distribution.”

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