The Kansas Lottery has released the first ever revenue report for legal sports betting in the state of Kansas. Here are the key figures:
  • September total revenue $1.29 million
  • September mobile revenue $326,147
  • Tax collected in September: $129,617
*Boot Hill casino did not report any revenue this month
Here are a few key points of analysis from gaming analyst Dru James:
“Kansas is off to an explosive start in the sports betting market. Proportioned to population size, the Sunflower state is doing well compared to other recent launches – Arizona generated $392,418 in revenue its first month despite being 83% more populated.”
“It’s expected that there will be continued rapid growth in revenue through the end of the year, and perhaps up until the Super Bowl, before stabilizing next spring. These initial months are critical to establishing Kansas as a strong market, especially while most sports are in season.”
“The state collected about 10% of total revenue generated in taxes. As with other legalized gambling, these funds will be distributed across a variety of state programs, such as gambling addiction assistance. As the market develops and strengthens, Kansas will start to see the material benefits of legalized sports betting, even if they don’t personally partake.”
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