GridRival, the sports betting startup dedicated to motor racing, has conducted a survey among its user base that shows the appetite for a motorsports-specific betting platform. GridRival, a multi-series fantasy motorsports app that currently offers in-depth games based upon Formula 1 and MotoGP series, surveyed its user base of over 200,000 racing fans ahead of the launch of its real-money Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) offering this summer. The survey results showed that existing North American betting operators have not capitalized upon motorsports series that are showing significant growth in their respective young and loyal fanbases:

– 78% of those who already participate in sports betting would prefer to use a motorsports-specific platform, as opposed to the offerings from major operators

– 32% of users have never bet on motorsports before, but state they are likely to do so following GridRival’s daily fantasy launch

– 73% of those who no not currently engage in sports betting said they would prefer a motorsports-specific platform were they to start gaming

– 48% of respondents consider themselves to be “mostly” or “exclusively” a motorsports fan“GridRival’s research backs up the consensus within the industry: motorsports fans are loyal, highly engaged, and keen to improve their viewing experience with gaming—but a suitable gaming platform is not yet in place,” says Ross Fruin, CEO and Co-Founder of GridRival.“With the unique challenges that motorsport data represents and traders who are less familiar with how to price the action, motorsport remains seriously undervalued as a betting commodity. “Motorsport fans want to deepen their engagement with racing, and sports betting through a bespoke platform is an ideal way to do so. “The growth opportunities for a motorsports-specific gaming platform are obvious.”

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