Kansas has become the latest US state to provide players with White Hat Gaming’s first-to-market Travelling Wallet solution on the first day that sports betting has become legal in the state.

The wallet enables players to move from state-to-state and between gaming verticals, retaining their balance in each without the need to transfer funds.

The solution has seen significant uptake across the US, having been introduced into 13 states to date with further expansion expected across the country as more states regulate online gambling.

Daniel Lechner, VP Sales & Marketing at White Hat Gaming, said: “We’re delighted to launch with our partners on day one of the Kansas market opening for sportsbook. It’s great to see players benefitting thanks to the flexibility and ease of use of our PAM and Travelling Wallet.   

“We’ve expanded massively in response to the huge opportunity in the US, both in terms of our resources and product offering, and have been rolling out at a tremendous pace. We look forward to boosting the player experience further as this growth continues.”  

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