Parabolic Announces the Multichain Relaunch of its Token with a GameFi Twist
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After a successful parabolic run when it first launched in October last year, Parabolic is now re-launching as a multi-chain platform. The new platform will initiate a launch on ETH, BSC, Fantom, Matic, and AVAX on the 21st April 2022! Along with an upcoming tier 2 exchange listing that is planned after launch, Parabolic plans to be a powerhouse in crypto-style casino games that will one day be available in its very own MetaVerse!

The debut game from Parabolic is a unique launch simulation crash game with mid-game cashouts and a chart that climbs and collapses. The game is finally going to be made public after 6 long months of development.

The platform has also just released a Gleam Giveaway Competition with a grand prize worth $1000. One lucky winner will receive $1000 worth of Parabolic Token after Game Launch, while 100 more lucky winners will receive $10 worth of Parabolic after Game Launch. In order to participate and stand a chance to win the grand prize users must complete actions on the gleam competition to get entries. The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winning!

The Parabolic team has also commissioned one of the most respected contract developers in space to build their new bridge. Utku Alpagut from is a renowned developer with an impeccable record to back it up. His involvement with the Parabolic ecosystem only signifies the potential that this GameFi project holds.

This new crash game will offer much more excitement than any other similar game on the market. The game is very engaging and immersive. At the beginning of each round, players will place their bets by depositing the amount of parabolic token they wish to gamble. As the round progresses the trading chart will become more and more parabolic increasing the bet multiplier. The aim of the game is to cash out before the chart rug pulls (crashes). The gameplay is based on crypto trading charts and is designed to look that way also. To place your bet, you ‘Buy’ tokens, and to cash out you ‘Sell’ Tokens. A portion of the house edge is then burned and removed from circulation, enhancing the token’s value for all holders.

There are several elements that distinguish this crash game from the rest. One of them is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows users to cash out a percentage of their wager while playing live. 50% of the house edge profit from the parabolic game will be burned to boost the coin’s value for its owners. The remaining 50% of profits will be put aside for game liquidity. With a large amount of game liquidity, winners will always be able to be paid out on schedule. The transaction taxes of the Parabolic Token include:

Transaction Taxes:

3% – Unique Buy Back

3% – Deflationary Burn

3% – Auto Liquidity

3% – Game Development

What makes the Parabolic ecosystem so Lucrative

When Parabolic burns tokens, it entirely eliminates them from the supply, unlike most coins that simply transfer burnt tokens to a dead address. As a result, the liquidity to market cap ratio is constantly decreasing, raising the value of users holdings in respect to the market cap. The project expects it’s tokenomics to wipe out a high percentage of the supply within the first 24 hours of its debut.

Holders of Parabolic Token will also not be hit by exorbitant taxes. Instead, every penny collected from transaction taxes will be invested back into the project. The Parabolic team have given their commitment to providing the best crypto experience to all their valued investors.

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