GoldenRace New Satellite Solution for LatAm



GoldenRace, leading virtual sports and betting technologies provider, presents a new product for Latin American betting operators: a satellite solution specially created to help retail operators expand their offer throughout the most distant and inaccessible territories. The company is the first one in this huge market to offer virtual games through a satellite channel.

The release of this innovation will happen on the 1st of November 2020 and will offer via satellite a GoldenRace’s multiscreen channel for almost all the Latin America region.

On the same screen, players will be able to see GoldenRace’s virtual football leagues, Spin2Win and Keno, in a very economic and simple way, which also includes a mobile cashier.

This solution suits bars, casinos, and betting shops that have a low or no Internet connection, and want to deliver the best virtual gaming experience with the most popular virtual games to their clients.

Together with GoldenRace’s POS mobile solution, a device that can be used with a SIM card, our cashier app, and it can also print and scan all the tickets, this improvement is the perfect solution for all the retail businesses that want to add the virtual games offer easily and with an extremely low installation cost.

The optimum entertainment experience, even in limited Internet connection!


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