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Sports betting has been a hot topic on Twitter for quite some time, and it makes sense why 7 out of 10 sports bettors are on Twitter for their betting needs, predictions, drama and memes. The volume of bettor-focused content and the quality of Tweets have drastically increased over the past few years as many states legalized the betting and it was no longer seen as taboo.

Data shows, that Twitter is the preferred resource for sports bettors when it comes to information sources used to place a sports bet, alongside broadcast websites (e.g.,, etc.).

  • Sports bettors rank Twitter as the #1 place for staying up to speed on sports influencers’ opinions/predictions, injury reports/updates, team stats/records, lineups, Vegas odds, and other sports-related news.

  • 72% of sports bettors check Twitter to follow the status of their live bets once they’ve been made.

On top of being the go-to, the Twitter timeline attracts a premium sports betting audience and has a direct influence on their betting decisions.

  • Sports bettors on Twitter spend 15% more on bets annually, compared to sports bettors on other platforms. And 62% of bettors on Twitter place wagers weekly, which is more frequent than sports bettors on other platforms.

  • 7/10 sports bettors surveyed are on Twitter, and 33% of bettors on Twitter say they wouldn’t make as many wagers if it wasn’t for Twitter.

  • Sports bettors rely on Twitter because of the unique combination of content and conversation they find on the timeline. 36% of sports bettors use Twitter as their go-to source for anything sports betting-related.

  • The Twitter timeline often gives bettors FOMO. 65% of bettors on Twitter are most motivated to place a bet on a big event that everyone is talking about.

  • While Twitter has the veteran sports bettors, it also attracts those new to the game. 51% of bettors on Twitter started betting less than two years ago.

On the other side of the bettors themselves are the sportsbooks, and as they start to act more and more like media outlets themselves, they’re all prioritizing Twitter as a core component of their growth strategy. Sportsbook handles are pumping out content nonstop – from memes (check out witty handles like @DraftKings and @BetMGM for examples) to parlay promotions to breaking sports news – and many are developing Twitter-centric activations to directly engage fans.

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