What's the future of sports fan engagement look like?
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The power that live sports bring to the sportsbook experience and how it creates an infinite number of thrilling sports-powered engagement opportunities for players is on nearly every US operator’s mind. But how do they activate sportsbook players that are not in the app or on-site? And how do they get more players back into session and create deeper brand engagement and higher gross gaming revenues? By monetizing the game play window before, during and after the game.

With billions of data points to parse – and millions of dollars at stake – operators need real-time data on what’s happening in session to deliver a sports-powered experience that starts with each match or game and turns it into the sports betting players’ personal playing field. That’s when they are most invested in supporting their favorite teams and players.

OtherLevels, a pioneer in developing sports engagement technology in the UK and Australia, is rolling out its Sports Engagement platform designed for US operators to help them understand when players are most engaged and reactivate and monetize out-of-session players with personal, relevant content. By capitalizing on the immediacy and excitement of the game and combining live odds, game state and previous betting behaviors, operators can extend the reach of their sportsbooks and increase GGRs. The next-generation digital marketing platform is designed to activate sports book players that are not in the app or on-site. We all know the power that live sports bring to the sportsbook experience and how it creates an infinite number of thrilling sports-powered engagement opportunities for players. With OtherLevels Sports Engagement, you capture those moments and transform your outbound owned media marketing into a dynamic sports-powered experience. The result is more players getting back into session, stronger brand engagement and higher gross gaming revenues.  

OtherLevels Sports Engagement captures the immediacy and excitement of sport by monetizing the game play window, both before, during and after the game. It does this autonomously, 24×7, globally across all leading sports and leagues. That is a powered sports experience starting with each match or game and turning that into the sports betting players’ personal playing field. That is when they are most invested in supporting their favorite teams and players. When they are not in session with your sportsbook, Sports Engagement will reach out with personal, relevant content, combining live odds, game state and previous betting behaviors to activate and monetize their interest. That is meaningful sports-powered engagement, not pre-scripted or lifecycle/campaign messaging. It is live and real-time, reflecting the best moments from the contest, combined with the props and odds that we know are of interest. 

OtherLevels is true sports-powered engagement; it’s all about the game. By combining real-time sports statistics, player betting history, up-to-the-moment odds, game state insights, and the best props, OtherLevels serves up the right proposition to the right player at the right time to drive sportsbook app/site sessions and betting activity.  

For an operator, you extend your reach by reaching all the players anytime, anywhere, with their favorite sports and games, not just for tent-pole events, generating increased sessions and GGR. You amplify your brand and stand above the competition by extending the rich, immersive sportsbook experience with a compelling premium outbound messaging experience. Finally, you also manage operating costs – why pay to re-engage using paid media when you can lower operating costs with autonomous 24×7 global engagement? 

How does it work? 

OtherLevels leverages sophisticated publishing and decisioning processes to deliver real-time marketing messages and betting propositions to offsite sports bettors globally. The publishing engine integrates game scheduling, game data, game state, live odds, props and markets and player data to constantly create candidate messages specific to each game. The decisioning engine then filters the candidate messages into outbound communication specific to each player, based on activity signals, propensity modeling, personal preferences, operator preferences, current bets, channel, message volume and cadence, and regulatory and responsible gaming requirements. The result is compelling personalized and relevant outbound messages being delivered autonomously 24×7. 

Who benefits? 

Sports books: 

More effective sports betting player activation and out-of-session activation mean increased GGR and margin. With OtherLevels outbound marketing, you get more players in-session. You also capitalize on the excitement of their personal playing field to reach long-tail players with their favorite sports, not just selective tent-pole events. Operating costs are reduced as activation is using owned, not paid media and lifetime value increases over and above what can be achieved with traditional lifecycle-based CRM systems. And most importantly, your outbound messaging stands above your competitors in an increasingly crowded market. 

Sports betting players: 

Sports fans and players get more relevant, compelling content and betting opportunities delivered to them automatically for their personal playing field. It is personalized, relevant, compelling and live. It feels like an extension of the sportsbook experience and re-activates them back into session. 

How does OtherLevels fit in with the sports betting industry in the US? 

Instead of bringing the game and the playing field to the sports betting player, sports books are leaning on CRM marketing tools developed for other industries such as retail, travel and finance for their player activation and outreach strategies. And all along, the data and content they need to construct truly sports-powered engagement are at their fingertips.  

OtherLevels Sports Engagement uses that data to reactivate and monetize out-of-session players by capitalizing on the immediacy and excitement of the game to drive increased revenue and extend the reach of sports books.  

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