Globally-recognized gaming and casino brand renews its partnership with digital marketing and sports fan engagement platform, OtherLevels.

OtherLevels, a leader in outbound cross-channel marketing and engagement for the gaming industry, has extended its partnership with Golden Nugget Online Gaming (NASDAQ: GNOG) in the United States for an additional two years. The contract extension will allow Golden Nugget and OtherLevels to expand into West Virginia in addition to its current partnership in Michigan and New Jersey and continue delivering rich, relevant and personalized messaging to activate players on Golden Nugget’s igaming platforms and digital sportsbooks.

Since 2015, OtherLevels has provided omnichannel marketing and real-time messaging services to Golden Nugget to drive igaming player activity both in and out of session, including during GNOG’s latest statewide deployment in Michigan. By delivering intelligent, personalized content to players based on past gaming behaviors, preferences, and various other parameters at precisely the right time, OtherLevels has helped Golden Nugget optimize its approach to player engagement.

“Golden Nugget has been a valued strategic partner to OtherLevels for six years, and we look forward to further expanding our relationship as Golden Nugget’s gaming operations launch in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and other new states in the U.S. market,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels. “Over the next two years, we will leverage our cross-channel messaging and optimized content delivery capabilities to ensure that personalized, relevant content is reaching the right players on the right channel at precisely the right time.”

Samir Banerjee, Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Director of Marketing, said, “Our continued partnership with OtherLevels demonstrates the commitment of to always provide our online casino patrons with a personalized messaging experience that is best-in-class.”

OtherLevels offers sportsbook and casino brands like Golden Nugget best-in-class multichannel marketing capabilities to maximize player activation and increase gaming sessions, time spent in session, and new player registrations. OtherLevels also leverages big data to enhance intelligent messaging capabilities and content delivery, helping gaming brands drive meaningful engagement within the online casino sector.

OtherLevels uses sophisticated publishing and decisioning processes to deliver real-time marketing messages and propositions to sports bettors and online gamers. The publishing engine integrates game data, current stats, market data (odds), sportsbook data, wager types and customer data to create a pool of betting or gaming opportunities specific to each player’s game or session status. The decisioning engine automatically selects which message or content to send at which time to which player, based on activity signals, real-time factors, in-game events, and regulatory requirements.

By expanding its marketing partnership with OtherLevels, Golden Nugget can spend more time on campaign and content strategy while reducing time spent on maximizing audience reach and segmentation. As the partnership evolves and expands into new states, OtherLevels’ ability to accurately target users with the optimal content channel and deliver automated customer journeys will also grow.

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