Amazing Trends that are Set to Transform the Gambling and Casino Industry in 2021



The year 2020 has made it to the history books when the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the entire world into a recession. It hit many industries that even some of the well-established businesses have to shut down. However, it is not the case for the gambling and casino industry.

The gambling and casino industry grows as an increasing number of online casinos, and gambling sites appear on the market. These sites are generating high revenues despite the world’s current situation.

More people turn to their hand-held devices for entertainment, such as gambling and betting. Top it up with huge technological upgrades and user experience. Below are the trends transforming the gambling and casino industry in 2021.

Mobile technology

Gaming on mobile devices has brought casino games and other gambling sites closer to players than ever. In developed countries where virtually everyone owns a mobile device, gambling is at their fingertips. With blazing WiFi speeds of 4G and soon 5G with unlimited data packages, free online casino apps are being downloaded to virtually all smartphones and other devices.

Most players prefer playing on their mobile devices as it allows them to play anytime and anywhere. They don’t have to spend on expensive computers or wait for the boot up before they can start playing. Moreover, they can play quick games with their mobile devices while watching tv, sitting on the bus, or at the park while watching their kids playing around.

More than 50% of all gambling is done on mobile devices, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if mobile gambling becomes more common shortly.

Artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence has been solving many problems and saving humans from tons of working hours in the casino and gambling industry. The AI is being used in:

Chatbots: Customers don’t have to wait in line for customer support to answer their queries. AI chatbots can solve any complicated issues.

Anti-scammers: Sadly, many players are still trying to abuse the online casinos and other players by using different apps or bots to gain unfair advantages. AI can find these individuals and kick them out of the site.

Customer behavior analysis: AI can analyze the players’ preferences to offer them the best solutions and options on a personalized approach. AI can determine the types of promotions it can offer to each player, making their user experience less frustrating and more interesting.

Enhances game processes: AI can detect any problem within the game and inform the developer.

VR and AR changes the user experience

Virtual reality and augmented reality have created a lot of impact on the industry of gaming. Online casinos use technologies to offer their players “complete immersion” within the game, taking their user experience to a higher level.

Through VR and AR, gamers can visit a casino, play games like slot machines, and interact with other players in real-time without going out of their homes.

The blockchain technology

Transactions made using cryptocurrency are currently the fastest and the safest mode of payment. Players don’t have to use their bank, credit/debit card account information if they pay via blockchain.

Moreover, blockchain utilizes non-editable and timestamped record blocks that a group of computers manage, making it impossible to hack. It also provides transaction transparency with high limits and less transaction costs.

Gambling legislation

The past years have seen many changes in gambling legislation. Many countries have become open to gambling operations that offer them a good amount of tax income from their revenues. Moreover, its legalization allows it to become safer and more regulated.

Since the emergence of gambling sites and online casinos, the popularity of the gambling industry keeps on rising every year. Moreover, the pandemic had pushed the technological improvements further and made many changes in the legislation.

While the year 2021 is still struggling for many industries, the gambling and casino industry remains unaffected. Instead, it keeps on prospering despite all the challenges that the world is currently facing.

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