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California Gambling Control Commission to Host Gaming Policy Advisory Committee Meeting




The California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) has announced it will convene a Gaming Policy Advisory Committee (GPAC) meeting on Friday, February 16, 2024, at 1p.m. This essential gathering aims to address key matters related to controlled gaming regulatory policy, problem gambling and other relevant issues affecting the gambling sector in California.

In a bid to accommodate participants from various locations and ensure widespread participation, the meeting will be available both in person at the CGCC’s premises in Sacramento and via tele/video conference. The CGCC encourages public participation, urging interested parties to join through Zoom using the provided link or call-in number to contribute to the discourse.

Meeting Agenda Highlights

The agenda for the upcoming GPAC meeting includes several critical items:

  • Introduction of new members: The session will commence with a warm welcome and the introduction of new members to the GPAC, fostering a collaborative environment for all involved.
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes: The committee will review and approve the minutes from the November 14, 2023, meeting, ensuring that all decisions and discussions are accurately recorded.
  • Discussion on GPAC’s role and responsibilities: A significant portion of the meeting will be dedicated to revisiting the GPAC’s mission statement, discussing the scope of projects and discussions and clarifying the responsibilities and expectations of GPAC members. This segment will also cover the importance of adhering to the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act.
  • Current projects update: Emmanuel Macalino, a sub-committee member, will provide an update on the GPAC Outreach Project, showcasing the committee’s ongoing efforts and initiatives.
  • Future agenda items: The committee will discuss new agenda items for future meetings including proposals from GPAC members or the public and a review of the Commission’s proposed regulatory text for multi-owner licenses.
  • Public comment and participation: The meeting will allocate time for public comments, allowing for a broader engagement with the community and stakeholders.

How to Participate

The CGCC is making it easy for the public to engage in this critical meeting. Attendees can participate in person at the CGCC’s office in Sacramento or virtually via Zoom. For those unable to attend live but wishing to contribute, the Commission welcomes public comments via e-mail, which will be read into the record during the meeting.

This meeting underscores the CGCC’s commitment to transparency, public participation and the continuous improvement of the gambling regulatory framework in California. Stakeholders, industry professionals and members of the public are encouraged to join the meeting and contribute to the vital discussions that shape the future of gambling regulation in the state.

For more information on the meeting including how to join via Zoom and submit public comments, please visit the CGCC’s website or contact Niecesha Williams at the CGCC for any special accommodations or additional inquiries.


California Gambling Control Commission Announces Comprehensive Agenda for Upcoming Meeting



California Gambling Control Commission Announces Comprehensive Agenda for Upcoming Meeting


The California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) has officially released the notice and agenda for its forthcoming commission meeting, set to take place on Thursday, March 7, 2024. In a move to accommodate participants from various locations and enhance accessibility, the CGCC has announced that the meeting will be held both in person and via tele/video conference.

The primary location for the in-person meeting will be at the CGCC’s headquarters in Sacramento, located at 2399 Gateway Oaks Drive, Hearing Room 100 on the first floor. Additionally, satellite locations have been established to cater to attendees in Northern and Southern California, including the Judicial Council of California’s Milton Marks Conference Center in San Francisco and the Carolyn Owens Community Center in Chino, respectively.

For those unable to attend in person, the commission is providing a Zoom link ( and a toll-free call-in option (1-888-475-4499, Meeting ID: 285 757 8614), ensuring widespread participation. The CGCC emphasizes that public participation is strongly encouraged, recommending virtual attendance through Zoom for convenience, although in-person attendance is welcomed, particularly at the Sacramento primary location.

The agenda for the meeting is packed with critical discussions and deliberations, starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. Key items include the approval of meeting minutes, consideration of initial and temporary licenses for third-party proposition player services employees, and key employee findings of suitability in line with tribal-state gaming compacts. The meeting will also address renewal applications for key employee licenses and commission work permits among other consent calendar items.

This comprehensive meeting underscores the CGCC’s dedication to transparency and public involvement in its regulatory duties. It offers an opportunity for professionals in the gambling sector, stakeholders, and the general public to engage directly with the commission’s activities and decisions affecting the gambling landscape in California.

For more details on the agenda and how to participate in the meeting, please visit the CGCC’s official website at

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California Gambling Control Commission to Host Key Meeting: A Deep Dive into Regulatory Updates and Litigation Reviews




The California Gambling Control Commission is set to convene an important meeting, blending in-person and virtual participation, to discuss significant regulatory updates and review multiple high-profile litigation cases. Scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Friday, March 8, 2024, the meeting aims to address key developments in the gambling industry, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed and aligned with the latest standards and practices.

Venue Details and Participation Instructions

The meeting will be accessible both in person and via tele/video conference to accommodate a wide range of participants. The primary location for attendance is set at the California Gambling Control Commission in Sacramento, with satellite locations in San Francisco and Chino, offering broader accessibility across Northern and Southern California. Additionally, public participation is highly encouraged through Zoom, providing a platform for widespread engagement.

Agenda Highlights

The open session will commence with formalities, including a call to order and roll call of commissioners, followed by a significant agenda item: the consideration of approval to commence the formal rulemaking process for regulations concerning advertising. This encompasses amendments and adoptions within Title 4 of the California Code of Regulations, signaling a potential shift in how gambling advertising is managed and regulated in the state.

Public Comment and Closed Session Deliberations

A segment for public comment on matters not listed on the agenda is included, adhering to the Bagley-Keene Act’s provisions. This ensures transparency and public involvement in commission activities, even for topics not slated for immediate deliberation. The meeting will then proceed to a closed session, where commissioners will deliberate on a series of litigation cases involving various entities and individuals within the gambling sector. These cases highlight ongoing legal challenges and disputes, reflecting the dynamic and often complex regulatory environment of the gambling industry.

Ensuring Public Engagement and Accessibility

The commission emphasizes the importance of public engagement, offering multiple avenues for participation and comment. The hybrid format of the meeting, combining in-person attendance with virtual access through Zoom, underscores a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Detailed instructions for joining the meeting via Zoom and contributing public comments are provided, ensuring stakeholders have the opportunity to partake in the deliberations and express their viewpoints.

A Critical Gathering for Stakeholders

This meeting represents a critical juncture for the California gambling industry, with potential implications for regulatory practices, advertising standards, and legal precedents. Stakeholders, including operators, regulators, and the general public, are encouraged to participate, reflecting the commission’s proactive approach to addressing industry challenges and fostering a responsible gambling environment.

As the California Gambling Control Commission continues to navigate the intricate landscape of gambling regulation and litigation, this meeting offers a pivotal platform for dialogue, decision-making, and strategic direction-setting. Stakeholders across the spectrum are poised to gain insights, contribute to discussions, and engage with the regulatory processes shaping the future of gambling in California.

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Sweeping Regulatory Changes in the Gambling Sector Set to Impact Multiple Establishments



Sweeping Regulatory Changes in the Gambling Sector Set to Impact Multiple Establishments


In a significant regulatory move, the Commission has released a comprehensive document outlining a series of options, conditions, and recommendations that could reshape the landscape of the gambling industry. The document, released ahead of the Commission’s upcoming meeting, suggests a mix of temporary closures, licensing conditions, and key employee suitability findings that will affect a range of gambling establishments and stakeholders.

Temporary Closure of Select Gambling Establishments

In a notable recommendation, the Commission has proposed the temporary closure of five gambling establishments, including Central Coast Casino, La Primavera Pool Hall & Cafe, Pinnacle Casino, St. Charles Place, and Tommy’s Casino & Saloon, through March 31, 2024. These closures hinge on the failure of the establishments to meet certain undisclosed requirements, with the Commission open to lifting the closures upon receipt of payment or compliance. Conversely, no action is recommended against Bruce’s Bar and Casino, Epoch Casino, Mike’s Card Casino, and Towers Casino, signaling compliance or negotiation progress with these entities.

Licensing Conditions for The Aviator Casino

The Aviator Casino, under ABA Properties, LLC, faces critical licensing decisions with three options on the table. The Commission leans towards amending the current condition to necessitate ABA Energy Corporation and Alan Adler’s endorsement on ABA Properties, LLC’s Cardroom Business License as holders of indebtedness. This move underscores the Commission’s emphasis on transparency and financial accountability within the gambling sector.

Key Employee Licensing and Third-Party Proposition Player Services

Kenneth Hom and several third-party proposition player service employees are under scrutiny, with the Commission recommending a variety of actions from approval of applications with conditions to referrals for evidentiary hearings. These decisions reflect a tailored approach to ensuring the integrity and responsibility of individuals and entities operating within the gambling industry.

Tribal-State Compact and Additional Table Requests

Elmer Penid of the Sky River Casino – Wilton Rancheria and Randy Yaple of Blacksheep Casino Company are also highlighted in the document, with specific conditions recommended for their operations. These include ongoing proof of efforts to satisfy civil judgments and the approval of additional gambling tables, respectively, indicating the Commission’s broader regulatory scope.

Implications for the Gambling Industry

The Commission’s document signals a comprehensive regulatory effort aimed at tightening controls and ensuring compliance within the gambling sector. The proposed closures, licensing conditions, and suitability findings represent a mix of enforcement and oversight mechanisms intended to foster a responsible and transparent gambling environment.

As the Commission prepares for its meeting, stakeholders across the gambling industry are closely monitoring these developments. The outcomes could not only influence the operational dynamics of the affected establishments but also set precedents for regulatory practices moving forward.

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