VegasSlotsOnline Research Shows Average Yearly Spend Per Gambler in Each of the Five US iGaming Markets


VegasSlotsOnline News has published its research on average yearly spend per gambler in each of the five US iGaming markets.

The last 12 months have witnessed a new growth phase for US iGaming. The pandemic year saw multiple jurisdictions break online casino records, the rollout of two legal markets, and a push for legalization in other states.

With total US iGaming handle exceeding $54bn at the time of this research, VegasSlotsOnline News has assessed which states top the list of biggest online casino markets.

VegasSlotsOnline News took the total handle data from each jurisdiction since iGaming legalization to estimate average yearly spend. Where handle data was not available, estimated handle was calculated through revenue figures and land-based casino win percentages. The average annual amount was generated by dividing handle by the number of years of online casino wagering in each state.

The total number of gamblers was obtained by taking the sum of core and casual gambling populations in each jurisdiction and amending it using Google Trends data. Average yearly spend per gambler was calculated by dividing the average annual handle by the estimated number of online casino players in each respective state.

Pennsylvania takes the top spot by a large margin, with average annual spend totaling $6766.15. The state owes this success partly to its more recent 2019 launch date, by which time players already enjoyed easy access to highly sophisticated mobile gambling. In second place is the even younger Michigan market at $2024.25.

Active since 2013, the mature New Jersey online casino vertical initially failed to generate much interest. It ranks third because of low handle figures reached in the first years, with average iGaming spend of $1507.13 per year.

West Virginia and Delaware occupy the bottom two positions with average annual spend per gambler of $782.72 and $665.94, respectively. West Virginia only rolled out iGaming in 2020, while Delaware’s seven-year-old market remained somehow limited by its state-run model.

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