Table Trac Develops Innovations for Responsible Casino Re-Opening



Table Trac, Inc. announces the introduction of a portfolio of Casino Management System solutions that support our clients’ needs to provide a safe and socially responsible gaming experience for their patrons.

Using live casino floor occupancy data, CasinoTrac CMS provides a live feed for digital signage, outdoor and website that assists and updates operators who determine the safe number of additional guests which can be allowed onto the gaming floor. Designed for display at the entry of the casino, the continuously updated signage will inform waiting guests and security on admittance.

Game availability and selection is a difficult challenge for casinos as they contemplate having to place games out of service on their floor to make the space socially distant. CasinoTrac’s Dynamic Automated Social Distance Algorithm changes this by allowing guests to begin play at any game, and the system will dynamically place the surrounding games out of service for other patrons, thus enforcing the distance rules without having their favorite game out of service.

Cleaning and Disinfecting of games that have been in play is an important part of responsible re-opening procedures. CasinoTrac CMS has added a Clean and Disinfect (C&D) map which highlights games where play has recently ended and guiding the property to service that machine. Casino cleaning staff uses their ID at the game to provide feedback and statistics on the cleanliness of the gaming floor for staff and management.

“We are always committed to developing and providing value for our customers with products and ideas to enhance the casino experience, but there was even a higher level of urgency to innovate a solution in this environment. We are demonstrating our effectiveness in the collective industry effort to responsibly reopen the casinos,” stated Chad Hoehne, CEO and President of Table Trac, Inc.


About Table Trac, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Table Trac, Inc. designs, develops and sells casino information and management systems. The company has over 190 systems installed in North, South, and Central America, as well as Australia and the Caribbean. More information is available at

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