Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation Urges State Lotteries to Suspend Operations During Coronavirus Crisis



Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation, the US-based non-profit organization, has urged the state lotteries to suspend their operations during the coronavirus crisis.

The organization says the billions of dollars in coronavirus relief aid being issued to US citizens to help them make rent/mortgage payments and put food on the table will otherwise subsidize state lotteries.

“It is essential that these games be shut down between now and at least 30 days after federal stimulus payments are received by American families. There is a mountain of facts showing many citizens gamble on the lottery to change their financial condition, and even more so when they are feeling a sense of desperation,” Stop Predatory Gambling National Director Les Bernal said.

Bernal opined that “luring citizens” to play the lottery “defeats the intended purpose of the stimulus.” The Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation sent Bernal’s letter to each governor whose office is in a lottery state.


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