Arizona Lottery Posts Record Revenues in 2019



The Arizona Lottery has registered historic, record-setting figures for the fiscal year 2019. The annual proceeds from instant-win and draw games sales have already reached $1 billion,  with four weeks still remaining for the fiscal year. The Pick, the state’s own jackpot that offers $14.6 million prize money is attracting huge interest.

“This is great news for all of Arizona as we are all winners with the Lottery,” Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery Gregg Edgar said. “The Arizona Lottery has worked hard for almost 38 years to reach this goal and help make dreams come true for Arizonans by paying billions in prizes and awarding billions more to beneficiary agencies over the years.”

Part of the proceeds from the revenue– about $220 million in FY20 –  will fund 18 worthy programs that would otherwise rely on tax dollars, such as building higher education infrastructure through the Arizona Board of Regents; protecting children from cyber-predators through Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program (ICAC); and conserving Arizona’s iconic and majestic wildlife through the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Heritage fund. Additionally, lottery revenue is on track to generate more than $72 million in retailer commissions across the state.

The revenue surge helps the Arizona Lottery to exceed its fiscal year 2020 goal of $1 billion in sales a good one year ahead of schedule.