Governor Signs Sports Betting Bill in Indiana



The governor of Indiana has signed the sports betting bill and legalize sports betting in the state.

Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb endorsed the bill on his final day to act on the measure approved by lawmakers after they reached a deal in the final hours of this year’s state legislative session.

Indiana sports wagering could start in September. Bets could be placed by anyone 21 or older at a casino or by mobile devices after a bettor has registered with an Indiana casino. Indiana’s law will allow wagering on collegiate sports, but not on high school or youth sporting events.

“By modernizing our laws, this legislation will spur positive economic growth for our state and for an industry that employs over 11,000 Hoosiers. Additionally, it will bring in new revenue and create hundreds of new jobs — both permanent and in construction,” Holcomb said.

The Indianapolis-based NCAA last week rescinded its policy prohibiting championship events from being held in states that have legalized sports gambling. The ban that previously kept events such as the men’s basketball tournament out of Nevada became impractical as legal sports gambling spread to more states.