Michigan to consider online gambling proposal again



Rep. Brandt Iden has proposed an online gambling bill in the House in Michigan. Senator Curtis Hertel has introduced a companion measure in the Senate. The bills bring online gambling industry into legislative focus once again. The House Regulatory Reform Committee will hear the discussion on this.

The committee has already had a good discussion on the same topic, but it was not subjected to voting. The hearing saw expert testimony take place as well as questions asked by the committee regarding the potential changes to the state’s gambling industry. As it appears now, the state does have potential to see the legislation pass into law.

Iden took time during the meeting to cover three benefits that legalisation can provide. First, he talked about how Michigan can stay competitive. Any proponent will tell you that online gambling is the next step in the gambling industry’s revolution. Without it, Michigan can easily fall behind their competitors.

Iden also pointed out that consumer protections are needed. We all know that players are taking part in online gambling activity and they are doing so in an unregulated market. By providing legalisation and regulation, Michigan can create a safe environment for consumers to enjoy the activity they are already doing.