Mississippi‘s only tribal casino property, Pearl River Resort (PRR), is going to come up with the state’s first ever sports betting app.

The app will work only when the users are physically present at the resort. This limitation is a forced result of Mississippi gaming regulations, which do not allow gambling outside the host property.

However, casino management says the app’s chief value will be to reduce the need for patrons to occupy the physical sportsbook or wait in line to place wagers. Last week, the sportsbook director, Chris Hopwood, told WTOK: “It’s very busy in here on a college football Saturday and Sunday, before the games kick off and the mobile app will allow guests to not have to wait in line if they want to come inside for that and the other option is the in-play betting. They will be able to sit there at the counter or their table or any hotel room, wherever they want to go, and make bets.”

So far, PRR management has not divulged many details about the app. Even its name and launch date remain unclear at this point.

However, we do know a few tidbits about the app. For one thing, both iOS and Android devices will be able to download and use it.

The app will also allow in-game proposition betting:

“We’re also hoping with the in-play, we’ll have prop bets on the game,” said Hopwood. “So the guests will be allowed to vote on their favorite props that we have throughout game.”

Presumably, the app will also allow standard wagering, like point spread bets and money-lines.

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