How will sports betting fare in West Virginia



West Virginia has become the fifth US state to make sports betting legal. It was some kind of a surprise because the state does not have a team in any of the major sports leagues in the country.

So how sports betting is going to fare in the state? Here is a prediction.

First thing first. The state is going to have a successful sports betting introduction – just like what happened in New Jersey and Nevada. Second, sports betting will give a boost to the sports in the state as well. It will not be a surprise if the state will have its team in major sporting leagues in the near future.

Adults within the state can now bet on the likes of football, college football, baseball, basketball and more, and many of the teams within West Virginia could potentially benefit.

Sports betting is already bringing huge streams of revenue into those already operating sportsbooks with New Jersey seeing $238million worth of wagers coming via mobile or online.

While West Virginia won’t hit those numbers, it is expected that the public purse will be boosted significantly by online sports betting, with $2.45million of sports betting coming from tax in New Jersey.

That naturally could boost public services across Augusta and the state, while sports clubs themselves could also see improved finances via sponsorship.

There are huge opportunities for clubs and sports outside the four major leagues to emerge from the crowd, with it already making millions upon millions of dollars for teams across Europe in terms of shirt sponsorship. That’s already spreading into US sports with the NBA having agreed multiple betting partners and the NFL very open to the idea.

Which will only boost betting experiences for the fans. It’ll be easier than ever before in West Virginia to place a bet over the next year with football betting apps, basketball betting tips and baseball betting promotions all set to be a real hit in 2019.

Once the big leagues are involved, it’s undoubted that bookmakers will show interest in the lowers, just as they have in the likes of England and Italy.

While sports betting is now legal in West Virginia, it’ll be interesting to see how it’s adopted over the next year. In terms of punters that’ll no doubt increase dramatically and become a huge success. For teams looking to earn through partnerships, just as the New Jersey Devils have done, it could be a slow burner as online gambling becomes to be more accepted. However, once it starts it could see leagues and teams become more popular than ever before.