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Team Vitality, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum Unleash Sub-Zero Rocket League – The Frozen All Stars Showmatch!




Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is thrilled to reveal The Frozen All Stars, a spectacular Rocket League exhibition match and fan event supported by Unilever’s iconic ice cream brands Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum. On December 15th, 2023, The Frozen All Stars will be live-streamed from Team Vitality’s Twitch channel and TikTok page, presented by the French Casters Robin ‘LifeIsCool’ Pachot-Giroux and Boyan ‘Boyan’ Kaftandjiev from Rocket Baguette. Scottish Rocket League casting legend, John ‘JohnnyBoi_i’ MacDonald will also stream the tournament globally through his official Twitch Channel.


As a gift to the Rocket League community, The Frozen All Stars will feature Team Vitality’s powerhouse 2024 Rocket League roster, including 2023 RLCS World Champions Yanis ‘Alpha54’ Champenois, Andrea ‘Radosin’ Radovanovic, Alexis ‘zen’ Bernier alongside the newly appointed head coach Victor ‘Fairy Peak!’ Locquet.

The Frozen All Stars has invited legends from across the globe to join in the festivities, such as:

  • Jos ‘ViolentPanda’ van Meurs, a 25-year-old Dutch gaming prodigy. Boasting two World Championships and the 2020 European title, he’s now leveraging his strategic prowess as a coach at Dignitas. With a knack for creating crucial opportunities, ViolentPanda is set to create unforgettable moments during the showmatch.
  • Kyle ‘Scrub Killa” Robertson, at the age of 20, the Scottish prodigy was catapulted into the limelight, showcasing his extraordinary 1v1 skills in Rocket League caster JohnnyBoi’s show matches. Recognising his talent, Team Vitality recruited him, leading to a triumphant victory at the Season 7 World Championship in 2019 alongside teammates Kaydop and Fairy Peak.
  • Justin ‘jstn.’ Morales, a 21-year-old American prodigy. He achieved legendary status with a jaw-dropping 0-second goal in the season 5 final, though his team didn’t clinch victory. In 2019, he secured the Season 8 World Championship title, scoring the winning goal in a final showdown against Team Vitality.

Fans worldwide can tune in to the broadcast on Team Vitality’s Twitch channel featuring the casting duo of Robin ‘LifeIsCool’ Pachot-Giroux and Boyan ‘Boyan’ Kaftandjiev to witness the pulse-pounding battle of the champions as it unfolds.


All evening, ‘The Frozen All Stars’ promises highly competitive clashes with a breathtaking display of skill and strategy. The evening will take place in three parts with different modes, with plenty of time for fans to enjoy delicious frozen treats between each match.

  • Game 1: mix of players!

Following a public vote on Twitter, players will be divided into two teams of four. This is the first time that spectators will have the chance to witness a match that brings together players like Zen, Scrub Killa, or ViolentPanda on the same team. An exceptional format full of challenges!

  • Game 2: 1v1, for Team Vitality players!

After a pulse-pounding first game, the second course of the tournament will see Team Vitality players put their skills to the test against each other in thrilling 1v1 matches.

  • Game 3: Team Vitality vs their guests!

To finish, the showmatch ends with the Team Vitality roster, coached by FairyPeak!, fighting it out against the international players. As the rounds tick forward, the international players will rotate the role of coach – giving each player the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility and showcase their coaching prowess.


The festivities are not just limited to the online experience. Team Vitality will open the doors to V.Hive for the community. Collaborating with Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, the esports organisation has transformed their Parisian spaces into magical, winter-warming experiences.

  • The V.Café will be repainted in Magnum’s iconic colours, where it will be possible to eat personalised ice creams.
  • V.Play will welcome players for the showmatch in an enchanted setting.
  • The V.Shop will be transformed into Ben & Jerry’s colours with a Rocket League IRL style game, with remote-controlled cars.
  • The Bootcamp will become ‘The Ben & Jerry’s Apartment’, a cosy lounge where fans can watch the matches, blind taste ice cream flavours, and look forward to prize giveaways throughout the evening.

Attendees not only have the chance to enjoy the immersive atmosphere but can also experience the excitement firsthand. Fans can use cutting-edge equipment and put their Rocket League skills to the test, meet both Team Vitality players and the legendary guests, all while indulging in the delicious icy treats provided by Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s.

The Frozen All Stars is a brilliant example of Team Vitality’s commitment to creating thrilling events focused on putting its fans at the forefront of esports entertainment. With the help of Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, this event showcases the incredible talent of Team Vitality’s current RLCS World champions and Rocket League All Star legends and unites its players and fans through the shared enjoyment of epic plays and frozen desserts – fostering inclusion within the community. The Frozen All Stars is more than just an exhibition match; it’s a celebration of passion, entertainment, and the joy of coming together as a global esports community.’ explains Nicolas Maurer – CEO at Team Vitality.

Leaders in the ice cream market, Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s want to position themselves as pioneers in new media and esports. By partnering with Team Vitality, number 1 in France, we are addressing our fans in a territory that speaks to them. With “The Frozen All Stars” event we are keen to give them a new and unique experience with our brands.’ states Nathalie Tempra – Head of Marketing Unilever Ice Cream.

Stay tuned to Team Vitality’s official social media at InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok for more information. Watch Frozen All Stars live on Team Vitality’s official Twitch and YouTube channels broadcast or at John ‘JohnnyBoi_i’ MacDonald’s Twitch Channel for the official English broadcast.


EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship Winner Announced



A new champion was crowned yesterday in New York during the EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship, the National Hockey League announced. Ethan ‘Polgz’ Kerr-Polgar, who represented the Toronto Maple Leafs, earned his first EA SPORTS NHL 24 title, the $30,000 USD grand prize and a custom hockey stick trophy. The 21-year-old, Newmarket, Ont., resident won the back-and-forth, best-of-three series, including winning Game 1 in overtime against fellow Canadian Justin ‘Regs’ Reguly. With the win, Polgz cements his status as the top NHL 24 player in the World.

Polgz (@PolgzNHLon X) is an avid hockey fan and gamer who chose to represent his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs in the EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship. His superior offensive skills allowed him to score eight goals in the Final series to earn the World title. Polgz dedicated the win to his mother, who is his biggest supporter and has beat cancer three times.

Fellow Maple Leafs representative Regs finished the day as runner-up. Regs was previously the North American Champion of EA SPORTS NHL 22.

The virtual qualifying events for the live competition were hosted in partnership with Rival on its fan engagement platform that connects gamers from all over the world. The NHL 24 World Championship qualifying spanned two continents and showcased the global reach of virtual hockey.


Round Robin

Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 3 vs. Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 2 (OT)

Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 7 vs Tempannen (Anaheim Ducks) 3

Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 2 vs. Tempannen (Anaheim Ducks) 1 (OT)

Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 4 vs. Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 3

Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 5 vs. Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 1

Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 4 vs. Temppanen (Anaheim Ducks) 1

Standings after Round Robin

1. Eki (*automatically advanced to Semifinal) *defeated Gren for 1st seed

2. Gren (*automatically advanced to Semifinal)

3. Polgz, TOR (3-0-0), 6 pts

4. Regs, TOR (2-0-1), 5 pts

5. Deeks, MTL (1-2-0), 2 pts

6. Temppanen, ANA (0-2-1), 1 pts

Semifinal (best-of-three)

EKI (NYI) vs. Regs (TOR)

Regs wins series 2-0

Gren (BUF) vs. Polgz (TOR)

Polgz wins series 2-0

Final (best-of-three)

Game 1: Polgz, 3 vs. Regs, 2 (OT)

*Polgz took an early lead over Regs by scoring the first goal of the series. Polgz secured a two-goal lead in the second period, which was quickly answered by Regs bringing the score to 2-1. Regs made an epic comeback in the third period, tying up the game with 17 seconds left and forcing the first game into overtime. Despite strong gameplay from both sides, Polgz pulled through to earn the overtime win.

Game 2: Polgz, 0 vs. Regs, 5

*Regs dominated in Game 2 of the Final. He scored two goals in quick succession in the first period, then took a three-goal lead in the second period. Polgz had some good chances in the second period, but ultimately was unable to overcome Regs. Regs sealed the deal with another two goals towards the end of the third period, securing a 5-0 win over Polgz and tying the series at 2-2.

Game 3: Polgz, 5 vs. Regs, 3

*An unstoppable Polgz took the early lead, scoring four unanswered goals in the first period. After a mostly quiet second period, Regs got on the board with two unanswered goals of his own, suddenly cutting Polgz’s lead in half. Entering the third period at 4-2 with Polgz in the lead, Regs made up ground with another goal early in the third period, making for an exciting battle for the win. In the end, Polgz locked in the win with a fifth goal in the third period, winning Game 3 with a final score of 5-3 and ending the series 2-1.

World Championship History

2024 Polgz (Ethan Kerr-Polgar) Regs (Justin Reguly)
2023 Jos x 10 (Joseph Olmstead) EKI (Erik Tammenpää)
2022* NA: Regs (Justin Reguly)

EUR: EKI (Erik Tammenpää)

NA: Gren-35- (Matthew Grenier)

EUR: J-_-JamalTheMan (Jimi Rönkkönen)

2021* NA: Gren-35- (Matthew Grenier)

EUR: EKI (Erik Tammenpää)

NA: Regs (Justin Reguly)

EUR: NikkeDangles (Niklas Tukiainen)

2020* CAN: Regs (Justin Reguly)

USA: OF’s HF (Josh Fuss)

EUR: Artuzio (Arttu Mustila)

CAN: YungGren (Matthew Grenier)

USA: Top Shelf Cookie (Matthew Gutkoski)

EUR: MrNipsuli (Roni Kajan)

2019 Top Shelf Cookie (Matthew Gutkoski) JohnWayne90 (John Casagranda)
2018 EKI (Erik Tammenpää) Jr Pens (David Roebuck)

*World Championship canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions NA = North America / EUR = Europe


1. Polgz, Toronto Maple Leafs ($30,000 USD)

2. Regs, Toronto Maple Leafs ($10,000 USD)

3. Gren, Buffalo Sabres ($5,000 USD)

4. Eki, New York Islanders ($5,000 USD)

5. Deeks, Montreal Canadiens ($1,000 USD)

6. Temppanen, Anaheim Ducks ($1,000 USD)

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BITKRAFT Ventures Launches New $275M Venture Fund, Continues to Invest in Early-Stage Gaming and Interactive Media Startups Globally




Once closed, this fund will bring BITKRAFT Ventures’ total assets under management to over $1 billion

BITKRAFT Ventures, one of the leading global games investment platforms, has announced the filing of BITKRAFT Venture Fund 3, a $275 million fund dedicated to driving early-stage investments in gaming and interactive media companies. Serving as the successor to their two Early Stage Equity Venture Funds, BITKRAFT Venture Fund 3 will continue to invest in studios, platforms, and technology globally within the gaming and interactive media space at the Seed and Series A stages. Once closed, this milestone launch will bring BITKRAFT Ventures’ total assets under management to over $1 billion.

Grounded in its vision of synthetic reality, BITKRAFT believes in the transformative power of digital experiences, shaping the future of entertainment. With a core belief that humanity is increasingly immersing itself in digital realms, BITKRAFT recognizes game companies as central to this development, driving the evolution of digital entertainment. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and builders in the games ecosystem, BITKRAFT has grown from a small team to over 25 professionals distributed globally, with a presence in key markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

“At BITKRAFT Ventures, we are as committed to — and optimistic about — the future of the games industry as we were from the inception of BITKRAFT in 2016. We’ve seen continued growth across all major game platforms, in metrics including user engagement, activity levels, and monetization,” says Jens Hilgers, Founding General Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures. “Newly formed game studios have seen substantial break out successes over the last years, and the advent of AI in game production further benefits new upstarts in the space. Additionally, we have witnessed increased interest in game content beyond incumbents from media and tech giants, as well as private equity firms entering the landscape of potential buyers further expanding the exit landscape.”

BITKRAFT Ventures has strategically invested in various stages in a global roster of well-known companies including Frost Giant, a studio dedicated to bringing back real-time strategy; Anzu, an in-game advertising platform revolutionizing the gaming industry; Carry1st, a mobile gaming platform focused on serving the African market; InWorld, a social platform merging the digital and physical worlds; Voicemod, a voice modulation software empowering content creators; Immutable, the creators of the popular blockchain game Gods Unchained; and Karate Combat, an innovative martial arts league bringing high-octane combat sports to global audiences.

BITKRAFT Ventures’ funds exhibited noteworthy performance, as documented by the Cambridge Associates Benchmarking Data Report 2023. BITKRAFT’s inaugural Web 3 fund achieved a top 5% ranking, while its second Venture Fund secured a position in the top 8% of all funds based on Internal Rate of Return (IRR).


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Canadian Gaming Summit: Providing the Framework for Sports Betting Success




As sports betting professionals seek to strengthen their connection with Canadian bettors, the Canadian Gaming Summit will provide the optimal framework for stakeholders to harness brand loyalty, innovate their offerings and strike lucrative partnerships, all aimed at solidifying their presence in the region.

The Sports Betting track is scheduled to take place on the first core day of the summit, Wednesday, June 19, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Catering to 3,000 industry stakeholders, discussions will encompass fostering mutually beneficial relationships with sports leagues, strategies to emulate the success of Canadian lotteries, analyzing the profiles of Canadian sports viewers and exploring the future of eSports and daily fantasy sports (DFS).

Opening the track is the panel entitled The Winning Ticket: How Sports Betting Can Emulate Lottery’s Appeal. It will explore the strategies sports betting operators can adopt to rival the popularity of traditional Canadian lotteries. Industry experts will examine whether sports betting operators are taking the right approach to emulate the success, brand loyalty and integrity of lotteries and whether a rise in the popularity of sports betting will affect provincial lottery models.

The session entitled It’s All In The Game: Innovations In Live Betting will shed light on how live, in-gaming betting is leading the way for innovation within sports betting. Industry luminaries will discuss the importance of crafting real experiences for bettors, analyze the profiles of potential bettors and explore strategies to fully integrate sports streaming content with sportsbooks.

The Game Changers: Collaborative Synergy With Sports Leagues panel will explore the power of sports league partnerships and how they are redefining the Canadian sports betting landscape. Expert panelists will delve into the intricacies of such partnerships and discuss how successful partnerships can be leveraged to enhance brand visibility, fan engagement and market presence. The panel will also examine successful case studies, partnership models and ideal strategies for achieving mutually beneficial partnerships.

Expert speakers set to appear across the track will include Conor Murray (VP Marketing, FanDuel), Nic Sulsky (CCO, Pointsbet), Owen Welsh (VP Gaming, Sports Betting and Innovation, CFL), Martin Lycka (SVP American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain), Britt Doll (Global Marketing Director, Rivalry), Tomer Imber (Senior Director of Sales, Optimove), Iain Montgomery (founder, Now or Never Ventures), Michael Sandalis (founder, Wait What), Peter Czegledy (Partner, Aird & Bellis), Anthony Gaud (founder, Gaud Hammer Gaming Group), Sean Simpson (Senior VP, IPSOS), Paul Burns (President, CGA), Scott Morasch (Senior VP, IPSOS), Sebastian Jedrzejewski (Director Regulatory Affairs, US Integrity), Greg Bloom (CEO, BYB Extreme), Steve McAllister (VP, Parleh Media), Troy Ross (President, TPM Public Affairs), Witek Wachinski (VP Strategy and Development, BetMGM), Patrick Harris (Managing Partner, Rubicon Strategy) with more to be announced.

Attendees will have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of the Canadian market through dedicated conference tracks on affiliation, advertising, leadership, land-based operations, payments and compliance. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to attend a pre-day player protection symposium.

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