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Formation of Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising Announced



Formation of Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising Announced


Members of the Coalition to include the NFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, WNBA, NHL, NBCUniversal, and FOX

Coalition Publishes Six Core Principles of Responsible Sports Betting Advertising

The formation of the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising, a voluntary association of sports leagues and media entities committed to doing their part to help ensure a responsible approach to sports betting advertising, was announced today.

Consisting of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, Women’s National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, NBCUniversal, and FOX, the coalition has committed to implement and maintain consumer protection policies consistent with the following six principles:

  • Sports Betting Should be Marketed Only to Adults of Legal Betting Age
  • Sports Betting Advertising Should Not Promote Irresponsible or Excessive Gambling or Degrade the Consumer Experience
  • Sports Betting Advertisements Should Not Be Misleading
  • Sports Betting Advertisements Should Be In Good Taste
  • Publishers Should Have Appropriate Internal Reviews of Sports Betting Advertising
  • Publishers Should Review Consumer Complaints Pertaining to Sports Betting Advertising

“As the legalization of sports betting spreads nationwide, we feel it is critical to establish guardrails around how sports betting should be advertised to consumers across the United States. Each member of the coalition feels a responsibility to ensure sports betting advertising is not only targeted to an appropriate audience, but also that the message is thoughtfully crafted and carefully delivered.”

Joint statement from the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising

Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising Principles:


1. Sports Betting Should be Marketed Only to Adults of Legal Betting Age.

The content of sports betting advertising, marketing and promotion should primarily appeal to individuals of legal betting age, and sports betting should never be endorsed or otherwise promoted by any person who is, or appears to be, below such legal age.

Sports betting promotional materials should (i) only appear in media where a significant majority of the audience is reasonably expected to be of legal betting age and (ii) never primarily appeal to children in content or theme.

2. Sports Betting Advertising Should Not Promote Irresponsible or Excessive Gambling or Degrade the Consumer Experience.

Sports betting advertisements should always contain a clear, prominent responsible gaming message, including information on responsible gambling resources, and never be directed to individuals known by the advertiser to be self-excluded. Gambling advertising, promotion and other integrations that encourage irresponsible gambling or degrade the consumer experience (e.g., by appearing excessively) should also be avoided.


3. Sports Betting Advertisements Should Not Be Misleading.

Sports betting advertisements should never be false, deceptive or misleading. For example, sports betting advertisements and marketing should not promote unrealistic expectations of financial gain, or suggest that social, financial or personal success is guaranteed by engaging in sports betting. Nor should any such messaging state or imply that a bet is without risk if the customer must incur any loss, or risk the customer’s own money, to use or withdraw winnings from such bet.

4. Sports Betting Advertisements Should Be In Good Taste.

Sports betting advertisements should (i) adhere to contemporary standards of good taste applicable to all commercial messaging, taking into consideration the applicable medium and advertising context and (ii) never undermine public perception of sports or their integrity.

5. Publishers Should Have Appropriate Internal Reviews of Sports Betting Advertising.


Publishers showing sports betting advertising should (i) provide appropriate training to their relevant employees regarding responsible sports betting advertising policies and (ii) implement internal processes to ensure compliance with such policies. To the extent possible, such processes should include a separate review of advertising and marketing materials by company employees outside the marketing and sponsorship departments.

6. Publishers Should Review Consumer Complaints Pertaining to Sports Betting Advertising.

Publishers showing sports betting advertising should develop and implement a process to review consumer complaints pertaining to that advertising.

Coalition of Responsible Sports Betting Advertising Quotes

National Football League


David Highhill, General Manager, Sports Betting

“We’re proud to join these prominent sports industry stakeholders in this important effort.  Legalized sports betting offers fans another way to engage with their favorite sports, but just as we must support problem gambling prevention and resourcing, we must also remain mindful of how sports betting is presented and advertised to consumers, and this coalition should greatly aid in that cause.”

Major League Baseball

Kenny Gersh, Executive Vice President, Media & Business Development

“Forming this coalition with fellow leaders in sports and entertainment is another important step for our industry as legal sports betting continues to grow. While providing new fan engagement opportunities to enjoy our sport in more ways, we have to continue to be mindful and deliberate with how these sports betting options are presented and to whom they’re directed. Layering this coalition’s work in the advertising arena on top of our efforts to promote responsible gambling and address problem gambling challenges will lead to more thoughtful planning and implementation across the board.”


Major League Soccer

Chris Schlosser, Senior Vice President, Emerging Ventures

“As betting on soccer continues to have a strong presence around the world, it becomes increasingly imperative to educate the fans about responsible gambling. A big part of this is how sports betting is marketed and promoted. That’s why we are committed to joining this important coalition of leaders in the sports industry. This is an opportunity to work together to implement guardrails and ensure that sports betting advertising is done appropriately and thoughtfully.”


Joe Solosky, NASCAR Managing Director of Sports Betting


“As the number of fans engaging with our sport continues to grow through the legalization of sports betting and gaming, it is critical that we play a meaningful role as a coalition member to ensure the availability to bet on sports is presented to fans in an appropriate and responsible manner. Moving forward in this space, responsible sports betting advertising will join responsible betting education as the two pillars that make up the foundation of our gaming strategy.”

National Basketball Association, Women’s National Basketball Association

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Head of Gaming and New Business Ventures, NBA and WNBA

“The NBA and the WNBA are proud to join this coalition of industry leaders dedicated to prioritizing and standardizing responsible sports betting advertising.  These fundamental efforts will contribute to creating a safe, entertaining and sustainable market for sports fans to engage with legalized sports betting.”

National Hockey League


Keith Wachtel, NHL Chief Business Officer

“As more sports fans have the opportunity to legally and responsibly bet in their home states, the fan experience continues to be one of our utmost priorities. We are proud to be part of this coalition of leagues and media entities to publicly state our ongoing commitment – with our partners – to promoting responsible advertising for sports betting.”


Mike Mulvihill, Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy and Analytics, FOX Sports

“FOX and FOX Sports are proud to be charter members of this broad and important coalition.  As America’s leader in live sports, we are committed to providing fans a responsible and ethical engagement with sports betting, keeping the integrity of the games and our broadcasts at the forefront at all times.”


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Plaza Hotel & Casino announces second Super Bingo $20,000 Giveaway



Home to downtown Las Vegas’ only bingo room, the Plaza Hotel & Casino will again hold a $20,000 Super Bingo Giveaway. To qualify for the $20,000 Super Bingo Giveaway, players receive 10 drawing tickets for every Super Bingo 2-day event played in August 2024 through May 2025.

Upcoming Super Bingo dates in 2024 are Aug. 5-7, Sept. 9-11, Oct. 7-9, and Nov. 11-13. At the end of the year, the Plaza will hold its first-ever Super Bingo during the New Year’s holiday, Dec. 30 – Jan. 1. In 2025, Super Bingo events that count towards the $20,000 giveaway will be held Feb. 3-5, March 3-5, April 7-9, and May 5-7.

A group of people sitting at tables Description automatically generated with medium confidenceDuring the June 2025 Super Bingo event, the $20,000 giveaway drawing will occur before the coverall on day 2, June 4, 2025. Players must be present to win. Ten prizes will be awarded with a first prize of $10,000. All prizes will be paid in cash.

In addition, players who play three or more Super Bingo events from now through May 2025 will receive free registration for the June 2025 event.

Held in the Plaza’s ballroom, Super Bingo draws nearly 1,000 people from across the country and as far away as Hawaii and Canada for the opportunity to win big playing fun-filled games of bingo over two days, with a $50,000 super coverall both days while Bingo at the Plaza Hotel & Casinosocializing with like-minded bingo players.


Bingo-only registration is $160 per person. Hotel-and-bingo packages start at $300 for a four-night stay with no resort fee.

All Super Bingo players receive one 6-on paper pack for both days, two daubers, free drinks via an open bar at all sessions, boxed lunch both days, and $10 in free slot play after the first day’s session.

The Plaza’s Bingo room offers six daily bingo sessions at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. and is located two floors above the main casino. By parking on the third floor of the Plaza’s self-parking garage, guests have convenient and direct access to the Plaza’s bingo room.

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Industry News

Penn Entertainment to Lay Off About 100 Employees




Penn Entertainment plans to lay off about 100 employees as it focuses on growth for ESPN Bet.

CEO Jay Snowden told staff members in an internal email that the changes will enhance operational efficiencies following its 2021 acquisition of Canadian media and gaming powerhouse theScore.

The company employs about 20,000 people.

“When PENN acquired theScore, we hit the ground running with the build-out of our proprietary tech stack and the migration of our sportsbook to theScore’s best-in-class-platform,” Snowden wrote in the memo. “This led us to temporarily set aside any potential organizational changes that would typically follow a major acquisition.”


Penn went on to say it’s embarking on a new phase of growth in its interactive business, which includes ESPN Bet, a $2 billion branding partnership with Disney’s ESPN. Snowden said the initiatives include product enhancements and deeper integration into ESPN’s ecosystem.

Investors are impatient for Penn to demonstrate its muscle with the rebranded sportsbook, and activist investor Donerail Group has called on the board to sell the casino company.

Rumors have swirled about the potential interest from many other online gaming and brick-and-mortar casino companies.

Truist gaming analyst Barry Jonas wrote in a note Thursday that a sale is unlikely in the near term because of the complexity of a transaction that would likely involve major divestitures.

Penn’s release of new ESPN Bet features this fall during football season should meaningfully improve its product, Jonas said, and a focus on costs indicate the company’s commitment to seeing its investment yield results.


Penn shares have plummeted 25% year to date. It has missed earnings expectations the last two quarters and lowered guidance.

“Investors continue to wonder what an ESPN Bet success could look like, and how much more investment (beyond what’s guided) it’ll take to reach,” Jonas notes.

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Greenlite Ventures Completes Agreement with No Limit Technology




Greenlite Ventures Inc. has announced the signing of a Reorganization Agreement with No Limit Technology Holdings Inc. (No Limit), a company involved in the sports betting and cryptocurrency markets. The agreement has been submitted to FINRA pursuant to its company-related action review process. Once the review is concluded, and FINRA advises the company that no further action is required, the acquisition will be deemed closed. However, the decision to conclude the review and determine that no further action is required is entirely within the authority of FINRA and no assurance can be given that such will be the case.

As a result of the acquisition, GRNL will own all physical assets and intellectual property previously owned and developed by No Limit. In consideration, No Limit has acquired majority shareholder control of GRNL, and No Limit founder and CEO Rafael Groswirt will be appointed as GRNL’s new CEO.

With this acquisition, GRNL seeks to create a decentralized sports betting ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and peer-to-peer algorithms, GRNL plans to launch a sports betting exchange powered by its own cryptocurrency, the No Limit Coin. The platform is intended to offer financial benefits to users, including a greatly reduced house take and non-custodial wallets that allow users to always be in control of their funds.

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