UK Warzone star and Red Bull Player Jukeyz drops into North America to test his mettle against the US’ best in high-stakes Duos wagers


Warzone star Liam “Jukeyz” James – widely regarded as among the best Warzone pros in the UK and Europe – is set to have his hottest drop yet as he embarks on a tour across North America to test his skills against the top players in the world in the new ‘See me in NA’ YouTube series. The series was revealed across Jukeyz’ social media channels with a teaser trailer hinting at the epic North American tour, where he’ll be taking on challenges of all kinds. Anticipation for the series hit a high last Thursday, where Jukeyz took a huge win from the UK in the $150,000 TimTheTatMan 2v2 Killrace.

The weekly content series, which will start on 15th April will follow the Warzone prodigy as he flies from his hometown of Liverpool, where he’s already established himself among Europe’s Warzone elite, to North America for the very first time to compete against some of the best players on an even playing field (LAN / NA servers without ping issues).

Representing the UK, Jukeyz will tour New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas- often referred to as the US’ home of Call of Duty – as he ticks off the biggest cities and esports hubs in the US. Jukeyz will be upping the ante in each iconic destination, challenging local Warzone heroes to £5,000 wager Duos matches on their home turf to prove his skills on a whole new level.

Jukeyz will also be joined by Ben “BennyCentral” Perkin, a familiar face on both sides of the pond as an ex Call of Duty pro and one of the UK’s OG personalities. Adding his trademark humour to the tour, the CoD icon will be helping Jukeyz prepare for the pressures of LAN play, competing in front of crowds, and get him acclimated to the gaming culture shift.

Weekly episodes will be released on Jukeyz’ YouTube channel to follow each stage of his trip. He’ll also be doing regular on-location livestreams on, broadcast from some incredible venues across the US, while Fans can also follow his journey as it happens on Twitter & Instagram.


The full episode schedule is below:

  • Episode 1 (Liverpool): Friday, April 15th
  • Episode 2 (New York): Friday April 22nd
  • Episode 3 (Los Angeles): Friday April 29th
  • Episode 4 (Dallas): Friday May 6th

Ahead of the tour and throughout his travels, Jukeyz will be available to interview and appear in media opportunities where possible, and is able to talk about his desire to compete on a more global level and why taking on the US scene is important, as well as discuss the CoD competitive ecosystem and his take on new metas, particularly with Season 4 on the horizon.


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