Triple-Digit Growth in 2021 and a Fortified Balance Sheet Sets the Stage for Rivalry to Continue Redefining Next Gen Betting and Entertainment in 2022

Rivalry Corp. (the “Company” or “Rivalry”) (TSXV: RVLY) (FSE: 9VK), an internationally regulated sports betting and media company, today issued a letter to shareholders summarizing recent progress and outlining strategic priorities for 2022. The full text of the letter follows. All dollar figures are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Rivalry Corp. 2022 Business Update

To our Shareholders,

At Rivalry Corp. (“Rivalry” or the “Company”) we aspire for every year to exceed the last, and in 2021, our third full year of operating, we did just that. We delivered our strongest growth to date.

Since launch, we have demonstrated discipline and execution. Some highlights:

  • Created the most engaged esports betting brand globally1;
  • Increased revenue more than 600% year-over-year (YoY) to $8.9M as of our most recent reported quarter (Q3 2021) on a year-to-date (YTD) basis;
  • Grew betting handle2 over 180% YoY to $66.1M through October 2021 on a YTD basis, with an implied annual run rate as of the last reported quarter (Q3 2021) of nearly $100M;
  • Customer registrations increased to approximately 600,000 through October 2021 on a YTD basis, up from 350,000 as at 2020 year-end;
  • Customer acquisition costs remain significantly below market and deliver profitable unit economics3;
  • Developed all of our technology in house;
  • Pioneered a new gaming category of Massive Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG) with our proprietary title Rushlane;
  • Conditionally granted a sports bookmaker licence in Australia from the Northern Territory Racing Commission (Australia) (the “NTRC”);
  • Submitted an application to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (the “AGCO”) to become a fully registered operator of internet gaming and sports betting in Ontario;
  • Commenced trading via direct listing on the TSX Venture Exchange on October 5, 2021.

Our ambition does not end there. We are confident 2022 will be another record year of accomplishments. The investment we will be making in all key areas of the business will likely exceed the past three years combined. This sets 2022 up for a multitude of material catalysts:

  • Anticipated launch in two new regulated markets, Australia and Ontario;
  • Innovative product releases, demonstrating the power and scalability of our proprietary technology;
  • New originally developed games to complement Rushlane and our MMOGG category;
  • New content and media to continue positioning Rivalry as a market-leading brand at the forefront of internet culture;
  • Launch in new geographies under our existing Isle of Man licence to provide continuous user growth and brand reach across the globe; and
  • Expand our capital markets presence to increase investor awareness.

Backing this effort is a fortified balance sheet with approximately $41.3 million of cash and no debt as at our most recently reported quarter (Q3 2021), a figure several times the amount we spent to build the entire business.

We are executing against a generational opportunity, and our vision is clear:

  1. Become the leader in next-gen sports betting and entertainment globally.
  2. Have the most engaged brand and portfolio of IP (games, content, creators, and more) that is revered and trusted.

We expect that success on these key priorities will make Rivalry transportable into new categories beyond betting. Why? Because we have a loyal user base and a foundation of trust with under 30’s in a regulated framework, fully KYC’d, with funded wallets, who are deeply engaged in our universe.

Rivalry was born through the mutual passion we share with our target audience: gaming and internet culture. At approximately 40% of the global population4, Gen Z and young Millennials, my generation and much of the team represent the largest generational cohort in history. We grew up interfaced with the internet, and view gaming as the sport of the internet. Through that lens, we have shaped Rivalry as a brand that is deeply woven into the fabric of this emerging internet culture that is reshaping multiple consumer industries, in addition to sports betting.

I’m confident Rivalry as a company, and a collection of talented individuals understands better than any of our peers how to navigate and participate in this culture. It is an inevitable generational tidal wave that we are focusing all our efforts on acquiring, retaining, and entertaining.

The growth and market leadership advantages we have created are a product of our disciplined execution on hundreds of large and small details that we deliver as a simple and cohesive user experience. This is how we are building brand equity with long-term sustainable value.

We measure our success on these efforts in revenue growth and margin expansion, healthy customer acquisition metrics, profitable unit economics, and deepening brand engagement.

In 2022 we are committed to expanding our brand leadership not just in next-gen sports betting globally, but in entertainment in this rapidly evolving internet culture that we are part of. It’s my belief that this intersection we live in, and the demographic we are serving, represents one of the biggest opportunities of the coming decade.

I have complete conviction in our team and strategy, which is now underpinned by the strongest balance sheet we have had since the founding. We will continue to deliver, and 2022 will demonstrate to the market what kind of pace we are capable of.

I wish everyone a successful and healthy year.

Steven Salz
Co-Founder & CEO
Rivalry Corp.

1 Source: Twitonomy, Social Blade, Rival IQ
2 The Company defines “Betting Handle” or “Handle” as the total dollar value accepted in wagers, adjusted for cancellations and corrections.
3 Source: Multiple EU public sportsbook filings
4 Source: United Nations

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