Ludo, The AI Gamestorming Platform, adds new 'Team Tier' subscription and collaboration features to keep creativity flowing for remote studio teams


With a new design, new features inspired by its public beta including automated game design document creation, a 30-day free trial and pricing from just $20USD a month, every developer, designer and studio can make AI part of their developer tool set. 

 Ludothe world’s first AI supercharged platform for brainstorming new game concepts, has completed its public beta, and is now available for all game creators and developers to join its growing community of over 300 developers.  With a 30-day free trial, a host of new features, and subscriptions starting at just $20USD a month, every developer and studio, large or small, can use the power of AI to inspire and accelerate the gamestorming design process – getting them closer to their next hit title.

Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to suggest game ideas on demand – helping to inspire developers as they gamestorm. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images by analyzing its growing database of almost 1 million games and 2.5 million images.  Ludo, like game design, is iterative, so developers can choose the best ideas and elements that Ludo proposes and then repeat the process to ‘zero-in’ on more ideas with those features.

The input of over 200 studios and developers during the beta phase has led to significant platform enhancements, including the breakthrough pricing model that includes a 30-day free trial and subscriptions from just $20USD per month.  This means that Ludo is now accessible to every developer; from solo devs, students and hobbyists to larger studios, democratizing the gamestorming process for all.

New Ludo features include:

  • Generate Game Design Documents – When users settle on an idea they want to take further, Ludo can automatically populate a game design document template with the written game concept, including artwork, mechanics and other game images, getting teams rapidly to the concept presentation, MVP or accelerated soft launch phase.
  • Top Chart Integration – Developers can now use the iOS and Android game charts as part of their gamestorming process, creating game design ideas based on elements, themes and treatments from the titles trending ‘at the moment’.  This ensures developers can ride the waves of popularity when considering ideas for their next hit title.
  • A New UX and UI – A new experience and interface has been developed making it even quicker, easier and more intuitive to navigate the platform and rapidly develop game design ideas.  A new set of helpful animations also helps to onboard and orientate users the first time they use Ludo.

The pressure on developers to release games is as huge as the 159.3 billion* dollar industry gaming has become.  Having the gamestorming resources, time and insights to understand the industry and the variety of games available is almost impossible.  Ludo takes the heavy lifting out of the gamestorming process, allowing teams of all sizes to explore completely new game ideas, and find opportunities for titles that can ride the latest gaming trends.

Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play, the developer of Ludo said,”The new features in Ludo are the result of the fantastic feedback we received during the open beta, and make it even easier for anyone to come up with a great game idea.  AI has been in games for over 40 years, and now it’s part of the development process.  The positive response to the Ludo platform tells us that it is becoming a key part of the developer toolkit for our users.”

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