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Influencers are key to the next stage of US betting growth



Influencers are key to the next stage of US betting growth


With Callum Broxton, Head of US Operations, Checkd Group

Those who remember wired house phones and floppy disks might be left cold by the term “influencer,” which may evoke perceptions of young digital natives clambering for their 15 minutes of fame by any means.

However, in the world of igaming, influencer marketing, via professional sports betting tipsters, or “Cappers,” has become a critical driver when it comes to retention and reactivation of customers, and is fast becoming a cornerstone of growth for the nascent North American industry.

Social media influencers, with their large and engaged followings, provide an ideal medium for operators to promote their platforms, and for affiliates to keep discerning bettors informed and entertained. As new states open up, and tier-one operators battle for market share, we are seeing the ways in which influencer marketing is becoming a true value proposition in the strategy to reach a wider audience.

Why should operators and affiliate brands dedicate a significant part of their respective marketing budget to sports betting influencers? In short, our tried-and-tested experience shows that they boost retention rates and they encourage acquisition by leveraging their existing audiences. They also effectively promote your brand from a position of authority while humanizing a brand, offering a tangible relationship and a welcoming gateway to your sign-up page.

The best Cappers are highly informed communicators. They keep detailed empirical statistical models, they study the signals and external factors affecting any given sporting event, and they even factor the intangibles of human psychology into their tips.

They are, in essence, a trusted source of information — regarded as more trustworthy and independent than in-house talent — to whom customers will often turn before placing a bet. Recent studies suggest two thirds of bettors wagering between $51–100 per month will spend between 15 minutes and an hour researching their picks. An endorsement from a reliable influencer takes much of the legwork out of this research, while positively reinforcing the decision-making process.

The FlashPicks app places Cappers front and center in the user journey, in order to offer the customer informed opinion, while leveraging the significant built-in audiences with whom they already resonate. The app spotlights a team of influencers, many of whom boast six-figure follower numbers across Twitter, TikTok and Twitch: social forums where a diverse cross section of online bettors are seeking information.

By proxy of an influencer’s trusted followers, operators and affiliates can drive conversions from key growth demographics, and retain their custom by positioning the influencers within the user journey.

Influencer marketing also provides brand promotion outside of the brand’s own ecosystem, and within the context of creative and engaging content. By the nature of their trade, Cappers understand the kinds of content their audience is interested in, the bet types that will appeal to them, and the kind of offers that will see them bring their business to a new operator. At once, they are a brand promotion tool, creative editorial content provider, a hotbed for backlinks and a market research tool.

The cost of influencer marketing may vary, depending on their level of notoriety and followership, but it typically provides superior added value and utility in comparison to traditional paid marketing options.

The sports betting industry is, and will continue to, embrace significant technological shifts in the coming years, with artificial intelligence already being used for SEO, content creation and the next generation of user interfaces. As the industry, and the world at large, shifts towards a reliance on faceless-but-functional technology, there will inevitably be a desire for the human touch. At its core, influencer marketing is about building relationships. This is exactly what an operator or affiliate brand wants to achieve with its customer base, and this is exactly the kind of interface that an influencer provides.

The rise of the influencer in the United States is tracking harmoniously with the rise of its sports betting handle. They will continue to develop in harmony, as more brands open up to the virtues of using Cappers as an ambassadorial marketing function.

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Leading Peruvian iGaming Operator La Tinka, Selects Optimove as CRM Marketing Solution to Accelerate Growth through Personalized Journey Orchestration




La Tinka to leverage Optimove’s #1 CRM Marketing solution for iGaming to increase player loyalty and retention through personalized and relevant marketing campaigns.

La Tinka, the leading Peruvian iGaming operator, has chosen Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing solution for iGaming, to enhance player engagement and retention, helping accelerate the operator’s rapid growth. With Optimove’s advanced CRM Marketing capabilities, La Tinka and their online Sportsbook and Casino brand, Te Apuesto, is set to deliver optimized player journeys with personalized experiences across a broad range of digital touchpoints, enhancing player satisfaction, engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

The strategic integration of Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing Platform and solution bolsters La Tinka’s refined player engagement strategies, further solidifying the operator’s position as a leading player in the Latin America iGaming industry. La Tinka will leverage Optimove’s OptiMail, a native platform for email personalization and delivery, OptiText, for real-time and scheduled promotional and transactional text messages, and OptiMobile, enabling La Tinka to send personalized rich media mobile push messages directly to players’ devices at optimal engagement times.

The scientific approach embedded in Optimove’s CRM Marketing Platform will empower La Tinka to measure the incremental value of each player interaction. La Tinka will gain key capabilities via Optimove:

Advanced marketing AI capabilities: providing AI-driven insights, Creation, and Orchestration for better player understanding, streamlining or content creation, and optimizing campaign orchestration for enhanced personalized experiences across channels and player touchpoints.

Enriched customer profiles: Unifying all historical, predictive, and real-time customer data from sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove to create a comprehensive single customer view.

Multichannel personalization and orchestration: Orchestrating hundreds of campaigns seamlessly by leveraging Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM Journeys to deliver personalized customer communications across any channel.

A continuous optimization loop: Leverage Optimove’s productized experimentation tools to measure the incremental uplift of each campaign, journey, and strategy to optimize CRM Marketing performance continuously.

“At La Tinka, our dedication to providing an outstanding player experience is unwavering,” said Maria Jose Alfaro, Digital Business Manager at La Tinka. “Optimove, as the industry leader in CRM Marketing, enables us to deliver better, more personalized, and timely player experiences that seamlessly align with the dynamic pace of player engagement with our sports content and casino gaming. Their AI-driven solutions help us determine the next best action for each player to map to every player’s journey. This collaboration reflects our commitment to exceeding our players’ expectations for meaningful experiences at every touchpoint.”

“Smart clients push us to excel, and we’re excited to join La Tinka on their rapid growth journey,” said Tomer Imber, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove. “The La Tinka team truly understands the power of experiences that delight and excite players as a growth engine for the business. As La Tinka focuses on attracting players and converting them at higher rates, we are committed to helping deepen their player engagement and cement long-term retention.”

Optimove will attend and exhibit at SBC Summit Rio, March 5-7, booth D46.


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Gambling in the USA

High 5 Games Honored with Two Prestigious Awards at the EKG Slot Awards




High 5 Games, a renowned leader in the casino gaming industry, is proud to announce the receipt of two highly respected awards at the EKG Slot Awards, presented by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming. The awards, “Top Sweepstakes Casino” for High 5 Casino and “Most Innovative Online Game” for Shadow of the Panther Infinity, spotlight High 5 Games’ commitment to excellence and innovation within the digital gaming sphere.

The “Top Sweepstakes Casino” award recognizes High 5 Casino’s exceptional performance and consumer engagement, particularly noting the platform’s expansive game library that exceeds over 1000 titles, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to responsible gaming.

The title of “Most Innovative Online Game” was captured by Shadow of the Panther Infinity, a game that has seamlessly transitioned from land-based popularity to online acclaim. This title features the innovative Racking Up Riches mechanic and the Infinity respins feature, bringing novel excitement to well-established game formats.

“Receiving ‘Top Sweepstakes Casino’ and ‘Most Innovative Online Game – Shadow of the Panther Infinity’ awards is a remarkable win for us. It is the recognition of our products and the impact they have on the industry. These awards inspire us to push the boundaries even further, innovating and elevating the online gaming experience for players around the world and contributing to the development of the iGaming sector as a whole,” said Tony Singer, CEO of High 5 Games.

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Compliance Updates

Asensi Technologies Appointed as Approved Agent by Kahnawake Gaming Commission




Asensi Technologies, a leading provider of Technical Compliance and Certification Services for online Gaming and Gambling companies, proudly announces its appointment as an Approved Agent by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This partnership further solidifies Asensi Technologies’ commitment to ensuring regulatory compliance and integrity throughout the gaming industry.

With a track record dating back to 2017, Asensi Technologies has been at the forefront of providing Technical Compliance and Certification Services to gaming operators and suppliers alike. Accredited as a gaming laboratory in Spain since 2017 and most recently in Peru on February 13, 2024, Asensi Technologies has continually demonstrated its expertise in facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission’s decision to designate Asensi Technologies as an Approved Agent reflects the company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance and integrity. Asensi Technologies is poised to assist the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in fulfilling its regulatory objectives effectively and efficiently, ensuring the integrity of gaming operations at every level of the industry and supporting all stakeholders in meeting regulatory standards.

“We are honored to be appointed as an Approved Agent by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission,” said Aurora Merino Salas, CEO at Asensi Technologies. “This appointment further validates our dedication to providing comprehensive technical compliance and certification services and also underscores our steadfast commitment to promoting transparency and integrity throughout the gaming industry.”

Asensi Technologies remains fully committed to leveraging its expertise and experience to assist the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in achieving its regulatory objectives. The company’s comprehensive range of services aims to facilitate seamless compliance for gaming operators and suppliers, thereby enhancing trust and confidence in the gaming sector.

“We extend our gratitude to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission for trusting in our capabilities,” added Aurora Merino Salas. “At Asensi Technologies, we are committed to continuing our efforts to uphold the highest standards of regulatory compliance and integrity within the gaming industry. Without a dedicated, committed, and specialized team like that of Asensi Technologies, all these steps forward would be impossible.”

For more information about Asensi Technologies and its suite of Technical Compliance and Certification Services, please visit Asensi website.


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