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It is important for you to know the kind of online casino that you are signing up for including its bonus offer. There is no arguing that online casinos are known to offer quite a variety of games for players to choose from. Nevertheless, it is usually not just the variety of games they offer but also their generous bonus offers too. The online casinos greatly surpass the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in their varied bonus offerings.

Different online casinos have varying bonus offers that they provide to new players that sign up with them. When you sign up at an online casino as a new user, there is a bonus that you are given as a gift for signing up with that given casino. Besides, the bonus that you are offered for signing up as a new user usually doesn’t just end there. The leading online casinos usually provide loads of other amazing bonuses and promotions. All the offers are usually intended to keep you locked with the casino for the longest time possible!

As a new casino player, you may find it confusing deciphering the different kinds of bonus offers availed to you by various casinos. This is what this guide is all about, to help you learn more about the different casino bonus packages that you can expect.

Deposit bonus

This probably is the most common casino bonus that will be offered to you when you register at an online casino. However, while you could be offered this as a new player, you could also enjoy it as an existing player. Nonetheless, the bonus is usually awarded to you for depositing a certain amount of money in your casino account. It is a kind of a bonus that’s offered to you as motivation for you to deposit money and begin gambling.

The bonus could either be 50% or 100% of your deposit amount depending on the casino. However, deposit bonuses usually come with asset of terms and conditions that may require you to wager the amount before withdrawing it.

Welcome bonus

One of the best ways to find the best casino bonuses is through the welcome bonus offerings. Any good casino out there usually has this type of welcome bonus to offer to a new player registering with them for the first time. It usually comes in different forms depending on the casino offering it.

For instance, it could combine a deposit bonus offer, free spins or both. Just like the deposit bonus however, the welcome bonus also comes with its own set of terms and conditions. That’s why it is important for you to always learn about those terms and understand them before registering.

The no deposit bonus

This one is directly opposite to the bonus that you are awarded for depositing a certain amount into your casino account. Moreover, in the no deposit bonus, you actually don’t have to make any deposit as you just get it for free.

When you get the no deposit bonus, you have the opportunity to wager the awarded amount and win real money with it. Of course, just like the first two bonus types already discussed above, it also comes with its terms and conditions.

Free spins offers

Some of the best online casinos usually offer this kind of bonus in the form of free spins to their players. They are usually a favorite of players who enjoy the spin game and they can be offered in a variety of batches, which could be 20, 40, 60 or even 100.

Note that a specific online casino provider or slot machine may offer free spins. Free spin offers usually have timelines and must be used within the specified time period they are valid.

Loyalty bonuses

This type of casino bonus is usually offered to loyal players who gamble in given casinos on regular basis. It is a kind of bonus offer awarded to you for your loyalty to the given casino. Moreover, it is always bigger and handsome than the other kinds of bonuses. The other interesting thing with the loyalty bonus is that even with lower wagering requirement, you still enjoy it.

The reload bonus offer

This kind of bonus offer is just like the sign up bonus. However they rarely cover 100% of your deposit. Nonetheless, you stand to get something like 35 percent or 40 percent of your deposit on a given day of the week.

It is important to point out that casinos only offer the reload bonuses to players who have deposited with them before. This offer is thus not available to new players registering with the casino for the first time.

The cashback bonus offer

Cashback offers are offered to you as a means to help cover your losses. Usually when you go to play at a casino, there’s a chance that you’ll win or lose some money. Here’s where the cashback bonus offer comes in to give you a reprieve should you lose your wager.

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