Bragg Gaming Group Appoints Gaming Industry Veteran Richard Carter to its Board of Directors



Bragg Gaming Group has appointed gaming industry veteran and former SB Tech CEO Richard Carter to its Board of Directors as Non-executive Chair.

Carter will advise and provide support to CEO Adam Arviv on developing a global strategy focused on partnerships with best-in-class brands, continued growth of their organic business and consideration of all accretive M&A opportunities.

“Richard is a recognized authority in the online sport betting industry who was heavily involved in the merger between DraftKings and SB Tech. This appointment fits my mission as Interim CEO – to build a championship team that will execute on our plans to expand our current market overseas and to aggressively move into the U.S. market. We continue to be focused on recruiting additional top talent,” Adam Arviv, Interim CEO of Bragg Gaming Group, said.

“I’m excited to join Adam’s mission to make Bragg a major player in the gaming space. 2020 has been an unbelievably successful year and we are eager to grow the business in the world’s largest gaming market, the U.S. Now is the right time to break into this market, and my priority is to make those connections that will lead to success,” Carter said.

The current Board Chair of Bragg will now serve on the Board as the Vice-chair and Lead Director.


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