NGCB: 2021-95 Surveillance Standards for Nonrestricted Licensees -Regulation 5


Pursuant to Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) Regulation 5.160(3), this notice is to inform all parties that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (Board) is considering revisions to Nevada Gaming Commission Regulation 5 – Surveillance Standards for Nonrestricted Licensees. The Board will be considering possible action to remove subsections 6, 7, 8, & 9 of STANDARD 10 REQUIRED SURVEILLANCE COVERAGE: GAMING SALONS of the Surveillance Standards for Nonrestricted Licensees. These subsections currently require licensees that are approved to have private gaming salons to provide Board Offices with real time remote viewing capabilities.

If the Board adopts the removal of these subsections, the requirement for remote viewing from Board offices would no longer exist, however all remaining requirements in Standard 10 would remain intact and active. If approved, effected licensees will be individually contacted so that they can remove their surveillance and computer equipment from Board Offices.

These proposed changes will become effective November 8, 2021.
For additional information, please contact the Enforcement Division’s Operations Unit at or 702-486-2224.

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