A lot of changes are ongoing in the online gambling market all over the world including the USA. America is an area where online gambling is rapidly growing at a jaw-dropping speed. Tracking and predicting the development of the market in the coming years in the USA is simply a matter of analysis and watching out for noticeable trends and patterns.

One noticeable development is the ever-growing number of players and casinos. You can find top US online gambling sites on Casinovibez that offer genuine casino services and mouth-watering bonuses. They all have licenses and a solid reputation for fair play.


The Online Gambling Market in the USA

US online gambling market is one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world. As of 2018, the value of the US online gambling market was USD 47.57 Billion. According to a report from Industry Stats Report (taking into consideration the COVID-19 period), the value of the market will grow to USD 94.37 Billion by 2025. The US gambling industry is expected to record a CAGR of 10.28% over the stated period.

With so much growth expected from this rich industry, the question is how will it develop in the US in the nearest future. A look at nature, peculiarities, and predicted trends will reveal a rough pattern of development.


1. More Players Expected to Join The Market

The first and easiest development trait to predict is the addition of many new players and gambling companies in the US market. Anywhere there is a profit to make, you can expect people and companies to flock in. The online gambling market in the US is extensive enough for both players and companies to eat from. With the expected growth, expect more people joining in to get a piece of the cake.


2. Further Rise in Mobile Gambling

Already, mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment of the gambling industry in the US. More people are turning to internet-based gambling especially mobile gaming due to the ease and convenience of play. Also, no payment restrictions contributed to its appeal.

About fifty players of the online gambling population in the US use their mobile phones or tablets instead of using desktops, laptops, or the more traditional forms of gambling. This number is expected to increase as more casinos and gaming manufacturers build casino games that are compatible with mobile devices.


3. US to dominate the online gambling market

The United States makes up the top five countries where gambling activities thrive. An astonishing 1.8 million people are employed in 40 states in the United States from the gambling industry. In the online gambling market, in a few years, the United States will dominate the landscape.

A lot of online innovations are opening up the ground for US dominance such as cryptocurrencies and virtual reality. Government attitude towards online gambling which has historically been a sour point is no longer so.

Many state governments and legislative houses are supporting the promotion of online gambling activities in their states. Harsh gambling laws across the US are now under review as their purpose, which was to stop illegal bookies is no longer relevant.

In America, the following states, New Jersey Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have set a standard for other states to follow by becoming the first states to legalize online gambling. Delaware and New Jersey have taken it a step further and now permit online casinos and poker sites.

In the nearest future, more states in the US will legalize online gambling including online casinos and poker sites. But for the moment, there are only four states (Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey) where bookmakers can get a license to operate legally in the US.


4. New Jersey To Dominate the US Online Gambling Market

New Jersey boasts of having the largest market for online gambling in the US. As the online gambling market in the US grows, New Jersey will retain its top spot. Currently, the online gambling market in the state is worth over USD 225 million a year. This number will grow in the coming years with more players coming into the market.


5. Cryptocurrencies and Virtual Reality Technologies to Play Increased Roles

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies that are growing in popularity in the online world. An impressive number of online casinos have integrated cryptocurrencies into their payment options. There are many online casinos globally that operate using only cryptocurrencies. In the coming years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will play more roles in the industry.

Virtual Reality Games are another technology to watch out for in the coming years in America.



The development of the online gambling market in the US is expected to record satisfactory growth rates in the nearest future. With no setbacks, the market can develop in the future to one of the largest in the world,

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