Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Extends its Strategic Partnership with Camelot Lottery Solutions



The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) has extended its strategic partnership with Camelot Lottery Solutions for a further two years.

The agreement will see Camelot Lottery Solutions continue to work with the ASL to help implement its commercial plans, with a greater focus on data-driven insights and business intelligence.

Under the terms of the contract extension, Camelot Lottery Solutions is incentivized to improve net proceeds, ensuring all parties are aligned to maximize returns to Scholarships in Arkansas.

“We’ve been fortunate to work closely with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery for the past five years and are exceptionally proud to play our part in helping to increase the money available for scholarships in the Natural State. Competition for the attention and dollars of consumers today is as fierce as it has ever been. We are passionate about ensuring lotteries like the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery remain competitive in a changing landscape by harnessing the power of data and intelligence to continue growing sales and delivering benefits to the communities it serves,” Wayne Pickup, CEO of Camelot Lottery Solutions, said.

“Making sure the Lottery is in the strongest possible position to responsibly maximise returns to scholarships is always our number one priority. We want to provide our players with great experiences in order to benefit the citizens of Arkansas with more money for scholarships. Camelot has been a good partner to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery in helping us to achieve that goal,” Bishop Woosley, Executive Director of ASL, said.


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