TransAct Launches Epicentral Clean2Play Sanitization Tracking System for Casinos



TransAct Technologies Incorporated has launched its new Epicentral Clean2Play Sanitization Tracking System for casinos. This new casino product provides real-time printed proof that a slot machine has been cleaned, sanitized, and is ready for play.

Epicentral Clean2Play builds on Acres 4.0’s Clean Machine product, which detects when each gaming machine’s play session ends and instantly dispatches a staff member to sanitize the game. Once sanitization is complete, Epicentral Clean2Play causes the gaming machine to print a Clean2Play certification ticket, which the casino cleaning staff member then places on the machine or directly over the machine’s bill acceptor.

“The launch of Epicentral Clean2Play marks a critical step toward the safe and sustainable re-opening of casinos and gaming floors around the world. Together with Acres 4.0’s Clean Machine, Epicentral Clean2Play provides an economical and efficient method to bolster player confidence that slot machines have been cleaned after a slot player finishes their session. We are confident that Epicentral Clean2Play addresses several critical challenges facing the industry at this pivotal point in time, and we look forward to working with regulators and our industry partners to deploy the product as quickly as possible,” Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies, said.

“Clean2Play is a powerful tool that enhances consumer confidence in the safety of the casino environment and that’s critically important. Equally important is TransAct’s speed of development—under 3 weeks! That is impossible on the closed, proprietary systems that plague casino innovation today,” John Acres, Founder of Acres 4.0, said.


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