Texas House approves the bill defining fantasy sports as legal game of skill



The Texas House has approved the bill that would classify fantasy sports as games of skill, not of chance, that are, therefore, legal. House Bill 2303 passed the chamber on a 116–27 vote. It still needs another vote from the House before it can be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Fantasy sports allows fans to draft real players from various sporting leagues to create a fictional team. The players’ real-time statistics are then compiled, and the team with the highest overall ranking wins. Fans can track their teams through websites or apps.

“House Bill 2303 simply seeks to clarify state law and confirm that skill-based fantasy sports are legal and therefore not an act of gambling. It’s very similar to what 19 other states in the country have done in recent years, and the United States Congress made this change in 2006.” State Rep. Moody said.