Virginia City to rope in a casino lobbyist



The council of Danville City, in Virginia, is looking forward to hiring a casino lobbyist who can work with lawmakers in Richmond to arrive at the best deal in case the state decides to legalise casinos.

The city manager Ken Larking said: “Some of the things I believe (City Council members want) is, they want to see a minimum investment. They don’t want to see some small investment come in and have a small casino. They want to see a significant impact,” Larking said, as reported by “That number hasn’t really been decided, but it needs to be a significant investment.”

Virginia’s legislators are discussing a bill at the General Assembly on whether to conduct a casino impact study later this year. If the legislators are positive about casino, there will be public vote in 2020 in Danville, Bristol and Portsmouth to decide if they want their cities to host a casino.

Larking concluded: “It could be anywhere from a very small amount to a few thousand dollars. We haven’t decided who to go with. There’s a few things that we need to work out first before we go forward.”