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Proverbs for Gambling: Do They Exist?




Gambling as a recreational activity has been enjoyed for years between friends and family. Its history is as old as that of society as we know it. Before the advent of land-based casinos, there were gambling halls where the activity was enjoyed. Now, you can use your smartphone to log in and play at online casino real money all you want.

A lot has been said about gambling since it was first discovered, including proverbs, puns, anecdotes, and social remarks. Much can be learned from online casino adventures playing real money games. Most of the quotes about gambling tend towards an awareness of the dangers and risks involved. Others provide advice punters can follow to make better financial decisions for a more productive time. In this article, we explore some proverbs for gambling.

Proverbs for Gambling

There are many games provided at online casinos for your entertainment and even more sayings to accompany them. Gambling is a high-risk activity, not the time to recoup your losses. Make sure you sign-up at a reputable online casino to play your favourite slot games.

“The Best Throw of the Dice Is to Throw Them Away.” – English Proverb

This proverb warns about the dangers of gambling using the throw of the dice for imagery. It can be a recreational activity, but it gets exciting when you stand a chance to win some money. This illusion can cost you a lot if you have no lid on your finances. Remember that the odds are always against you and the house always wins. Gambling is not worth your obsession and addiction. If you think you have a problem, try seeking help from family and friends.

“Nobody Has Ever Bet Enough on a Winning Horse.” – Chinese Proverb

There are many wise proverbs credited to the Chinese, and this one is just as sensational. Losing a wager can have you wishing you had not made it in the first place. However, it is normal to wish you had placed a higher bet when you experience a lucky turn, especially if you lost the next one. Gambling should be done responsibly, and you should never chase your losses. Always proceed with a plan and never give in to your emotions.

“If You Don’t Gamble, You’ll Never Win.” – Charles Bukowski, Writer

This piece of advice from the German-American writer and poet Charles Bukowski highlights one of the first rules of gaming. The only way to win is to play, as there are no rewards offered for non-participation. As with real life, you lose all the shots you never take. Admiring others as they rake in huge sums will not get you any closer to the other prizes provided if you do nothing. You may not win all the games you come across, but you win none if you don’t participate.

“Quit While You Are Ahead. All the Best Gamblers Do.” – Baltasar Gracián Y Morales

Words from this 17th-century philosopher remain valid today. The philosopher suggests that you always take away your wins from the online casino and not bother waiting till it becomes very big. This is because it is not easy to find a winning streak. If you are lucky enough to find one you can use to recoup your losses and accumulate more funds, an exit plan is not a bad idea. It is better to leave with your winnings than to keep playing till you lose it all, which is certain since the house always wins.

“Hoping to Recoup Is What Ruins a Gambler.” – Irish Proverb

Most proverbs aim to subtly discourage not gambling itself but the gambler from getting too carried away since it is a game after all. This one suggests that you don’t play without a plan. Slots have some of the best chances to win a jackpot, as the Random Number Generator (RNG) can decide you will get the coveted prize. Many players tend to get carried away here. When you’re not thinking clearly, you stray further and further away from your plan.

“If You Ain’t Just a Little Scared When You Enter a Casino, You Are Either Very Rich, or You Haven’t Studied the Games Enough.” – Terrence Murphy, Writer

A subtle message lurks in these words. The traditional or online casino is a thrilling experience and it is normal to feel a little trepidation when you step inside or log into one to play your favourite online slots. Knowing you will be putting your personal funds at stake is enough to scare anyone.

“If I Lose Today, I Can Look Forward to Winning Tomorrow, and if I Win Today, I Can Expect to Lose Tomorrow. A Sure Thing Is No Fun.” – Chico Marx, Comedian

These words provide more insight into how random the results can get when playing at a casino. Anything can happen at the tables or slots. It is possible to enjoy a winning streak, only to have it followed by back-to-back losses. The important thing is to stay calm through the unpredictable nature of gambling. As you proceed in the game, stick to your budget and strategy. If you’re playing for a progressive jackpot, ensure your bankroll can last long enough for your odds to improve.

“At Gambling, the Deadly Sin Is to Mistake Bad Play With Bad Luck.” – Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

This line from the famous book Casino Royale by Ian Fleming emphasizes how crucial it is to be even a little skilled before playing. In a game of chance like roulette, it is easy to blame your luck instead of knowing the types of bets you can place to enjoy a better time. Online slots go as far as displaying the returns-to-player (RTP) percentage, which is how much the casino can allow you to win on average. Use the demo mode to enjoy free gaming if you need to learn.

“Luckiest Is He Who Knows Just When to Rise and Go Home.” – Chinese Proverb

Here, it is suggested playing with a plan is the real trick to winning. The jackpot is a huge payout reserved for only the luckiest. Winning one can potentially cover all the losses you ever made in the casinos. However, true luck lies in knowing how to play and how and when to quit. At the end of the day, the real winner is the gambler who knows when to lose interest. This way, you can enjoy a refreshing session the next day or after some hours instead of getting yourself an addiction, like the one that worries gambling addiction experts over the fact that sports betting became easier.

Honourable Mentions

There is always so much more wisdom when it comes to gambling. Here are some of the proverbs we didn’t include:

  • “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” – Chinese proverb;
  • “There are two great pleasures in gambling: that of winning and that of losing.” – French proverb;
  • “Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler.” – Irish proverb;
  • “The lottery; a tax on people who are bad at math.” – American proverb.


Most of these are words to remind you to apply cautionary brakes when playing your favourite titles. A lot of innovation has been enjoyed in the gambling industry, and casino games are now more accessible than ever. This also means more caution has to be applied, and it should be done responsibly. Ensure to wager within a budget and do this on a trusted online casino site. If not, you may be risking a lot more than your money. Canadian players should endeavour to sign up on legitimate casino sites to play their favourite online slots. This will provide a better gambling experience.

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ZBD partners with Fumb Games to integrate Bitcoin rewards into SpaceY



ZBD, a leading fintech company that offers instant Bitcoin rewards for gamers and developers, today announces its second integration partnership with idle mobile game developer Fumb Games, which sees the developer integrating Bitcoin rewards into its idle space game, SpaceY.

SpaceY has been available on app stores since 2019. With ZBD’s Bitcoin Lightning integration, players can continue their mission of mining resources, upgrading their mothership, and uncovering the secrets of a distant galaxy, while now earning real-money rewards. These rewards come in the form of ‘sats’, small pieces of Bitcoin which players will collect as they navigate the galaxy.

The integration is powered by ZBD’s plug-and-play API which allows developers of all sizes to smoothly integrate Bitcoin Lightning rewards into their games, with zero friction. By sharing revenue with players, developers such as Fumb Games can reach new audiences and boost retention.

Christian Moss, Head of R&D at ZBD, commented:

“The SpaceY ZBD integration builds on the tremendous success of our initial partnership with Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner. The SpaceY integration is yet another clear demonstration of how developers and publishers can easily integrate our API into games, thereby injecting a new lease of life into existing gaming content. It means gamers have a new dynamic of earning whilst they idle-play, and developers and publishers have another powerful tool to retain and acquire new users, and therefore additional revenue streams.”

Paul West, CEO and Founder, of Fumb Games, added:

“Just as with Bitcoin Miner, SpaceY is a game designed for maximum enjoyment, irrespective of whether you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast or not. The success of our initial partnership with ZBD,  onboarding over one million players to Bitcoin Miner in 2023, serves as a testament to our commitment and propels our ambitious strategy to welcome ten million players in 2024.”

The integration of ZBD’s Bitcoin reward technology into SpaceY builds upon ZBD’s prior success with Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner which increased the game’s 30-day user retention by over 10 times. As a result, Bitcoin Miner now boasts over one million players and has been labelled as one of the biggest play-to-earn games. Players can download the ZBD app from Google Play and the App Store.

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How to Pick the Perfect Welcome Offer for Your First Bet



Choosing the Best Bonus for Your First Game

Getting the most out of the best casino bonus virtual gambling experience depends on picking the correct bonus offers. Grabbing the first available option is only sometimes the best strategy. It’s essential to weigh various aspects, including the potential payout, the maximum bet, and whether or not the slot games on offer are the ones you prefer.

This piece will review some practical pointers that should help you decide on the best option. We will speak about the ways to find the best online casino bonuses, but first, let’s determine the top rewards.

Top Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Deposit Match Bonuses They are offered to new players and are the most apparent online slots advertising. When you take advantage of these deals, the casino will add a bonus to your account equal to a particular percentage of your initial deposit, up to a maximum amount.
Free Spins Promotions


Free Spins are a standard sort of online promotion. These are common in slot machines, and the bonus feature that they’re part of means you may play without risking your own cash. Most gamers would jump at the chance to make money without putting themselves in harm’s way. In addition, it’s a fantastic method to get some experience under your belt before jumping headfirst into any game.
No Deposit Bonus Casinos


Maintain an eye out for No Deposit Bonuses while you search. There is no need to deposit to get this bonus, and the sum is minimal. It’s like having unregulated access to a generous bankroll full of spare change. The amounts offered as no-deposit bonuses are often meagre. However, Canadian players looking for a risk-free taste of the casino scene love them.

Review the Regulations Regarding Bonuses

Reading up on the various top-rated virtual casino bonuses available is a perk in and of itself. Sticking with trustworthy sites is the surest method to receive your money’s worth. Each of these websites has a solid marketing infrastructure and stringent privacy rules. The top customers at several sites are often rewarded with bonus spins on cutting-edge redesigned slot machines.

That’s the height of sophistication for most gamblers. Before signing up, look at the fine print of your preferred casino’s terms and conditions. Although seemingly trivial, they may help you avoid problems. Make sure you research the finest deposit bonuses before you put down any cash.

Review the Betting Policies

No matter your experience with secure online casinos, and you should always check the wagering requirements before taking a bonus. You need to know the regulations to avoid ending up with less money. You may be required to forfeit your bonus and any winnings in certain circumstances.

You must first meet the casino’s wagering requirements to cash out any winnings from your web casino bonus money. A weighted average of the contributions from each game determines the total number of bets you must make.

Be Sure to Verify a Casino’s Safety and Authenticity Before Playing There

Make sure the casino you pick has a current and legitimate gambling license such as those issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. For everyone’s peace of mind, a casino license is required. The interested players’ rights are protected, including their financial investments.

Typically, a casino’s license will be listed at the base of the webpage. You may even see the logo and legal information on specific casino sites. Without proper authorization, a casino should be avoided. To ensure the safety of their customer’s personal information and financial resources, legitimate Canadian casinos must adhere to strict laws and regulations.

Audits by regulatory agencies are also a requirement. These examiners examine such aspects of the recommended website as its security, the safety of its users’ financial data, and the efficiency of its payment system.

Check Validity

Bonuses at online casinos sometimes come with various strict “time” constraints and standard wagering requirements. Before accepting a bonus, ensure you know how long you have to use it or it expires. Understanding how soon you need to meet the wagering requirement to enjoy the casino bonuses will become crystal evident after reading this.

Choose the No Deposit Bonus

There are few casino incentives more sought after than the no-deposit bonus. The top Indian online casinos provide participating players with a risk-free environment to try out new casino games and also have the potential to pay out in the form of substantial winnings. The free money bonus is the most prevalent kind of no-deposit bonus. It is a kind of advertising often included in membership or loyalty programs.

In most cases, it’s an unrestricted sum of money that may be utilized in an online gambling industry. It could need a down payment or a secret code before you can get it. The free spins bonus is another kind of no-deposit bonus that is very well-liked by players. It is often given out for free as a reward for completing leaderboard competitions.

The Benefit of Looking for Bonuses Is the Opportunity to Put Your Own Money to Work

It is wise to think about bonus hunting in Canada before putting in a real money wager to reap the rewards described above. The following is a simplified instruction manual:

  • To find betting incentives, you should look them up online and read reviews.
  • Sort the bonus offers by minimum wagering requirements to get the best deals.
  • Please review the bonus agreement carefully.
  • Create an account on your preferred gaming entertainment site and activate the bonus (if you already have an account, log in and opt-in for the offer).
  • To get the bonus, you must agree to and fulfil the bonus terms and conditions.
  • Taking your bonus money and running to find another deal is a good idea.


To begin, bonuses shouldn’t be at the top of your list when deciding which trusted online casinos to play at. However, they are a significant variable since they either allow you to test out a lot of rooms without spending any money or provide you with a considerably more substantial stake than you would have if you had just used your own funds. Your newfound knowledge will improve your odds and help you win more often.

There are many betting websites to choose from, so it’s important to do preliminary research using our guide to ensure the casino is reputable, safe, and has promotions that fit your gaming options.


How beneficial is it to go on a bonus hunt?

Finding ways to earn extra money is a good investment. Bonuses are a great way to boost your chances of winning without putting more of your money at risk. You may also generate money with no upfront costs by taking advantage of other deals. You can only take advantage of great deals if you actively seek them out. We advise that you search for deals as often as possible.

Is it preferable to have a solid loyalty program rather than a bonus hunt?

That is not usually the case at all. Most loyalty schemes provide meagre payouts relative to the total amount bet over a specific time frame. Therefore, you must continue placing larger bets on the gaming site to increase your earnings. Bonus hunting, on the other hand, enables you to take advantage of deals across numerous platforms without seriously committing to playing on those platforms regularly.

How can one know whether a bonus is worthwhile?

A good bonus seems likely for several reasons. First, if the player fulfils the bonus’s requirements, they earn a lot of money. Second, the wagering requirements are reasonable, so players may expect to make a profit after claiming the bonus. Third, the bonus should provide sufficient time for participants to fulfil the bonus requirements. Players should be able to wager on various sportsbook game types.

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